Monday, October 07, 2013

Ted Cruz Destroys Obama Shill Candy Crowley On CNN

This is a superb lesson in how to handle a Leftist, partisan journalist in an interview when she tries at every opportunity to apply the old Alinsky rule of personalizing the target, in this case Ted Cruz.
You refuse to play that game, you don't allow them to make up their own 'facts', you hit back with real facts, and you turn the Alinsky rule right back on them to expose their bias. And you do it with a smile.

Well done, Senator!

I'd be very surprised if she had him back.


2421Rich said...

Wouldn't you love to see the media spouting all the Republican talking points to President Obama or Harry Reid and try to put them in the hot seat the way in which Candy Crowley just tried with Ted Cruz. It never happens and it never will because the media is the propaganda wing of only one side in this fight. Their focus is to support Democrats and embarrass Republicans. Candy tried that tactic on the wrong Republican on this clip. Hooray for Ted Cruz. He stayed on message and she looked like the tool she is.

Misha K said...

Jesus. What color is the sky in your world? "You don't allow them to make up their own facts." Are you freaking kidding me? You all are the masters of making up your own facts. The problem is not a liberal media. The problem is the media don't want to allow you all to get away with lies, distortions, and the cherrypicking of facts that you all engage in. Waaah, waaah, waaah. Go ahead, hitch your wagon to Senator Cruz. And thank you. He's the best gift to my side since, well, ever. I look forward to a reasonable opposition taking his place. You people, I can't talk to, no one can talk to.

Rob said...

Oh please, Misha. You're not interested in any opposition.Progressive totalitarians never are.

What you want is useful idiots who will believe whatever nonsense you put out there and support your agenda.

This is a great example of what I mean. You'd rather Senator Cruz just hang his head meekly and allow Crowley to spout the partisan gibberish she tried to present as 'facts' and personalize the interview to attack him.

Sorry, he's not John McCain or Mitt Romney.

As far as you not being able to talk to anyone intelligent who doean;t agree 100% with everything you want - my, doesn't that sound like Obama and Harry Reid!

Scott & Susan said...

Spot on, Cruz!