Sunday, October 06, 2013

Israel's 'Partners For Peace' Attack 9-Year-Old Girl In Terrorist Assault

Little Noam Glick was coming down the steps into her home after visiting a neighbor after the Jewish Sabbath in the Israeli town of Psagot yesterday when she looked up and saw a PLO terrorist. He fired a few shots at her and then stabbed her.

The Arab attacker was apparently intent on infiltrating the Glick home and murdering the entire family, doing a repeat of what happened to the Fogel family in Itamar.

Instead, Noam's scream alerted the household, the terrorist attacked her, panicked and fled while her father was able to arm himself, bring Noam into the house and call the Emergency Squad.

Shlomo Petrobar, who heads MDA's Jerusalem District, lives in Psagot and arrived together with an ambulance at the scene.

Initially, it was thought that Noam had been shot, and Petrobar scrambled out of his home with medial equipment, finding the girl in her living room with a wound in her chest.

"I sat her down and began providing her with medical attention. She was fully conscience and I could communicate with her. Within a short period of time a Magen David Adom ambulance crew arrived and evacuated her," Petrobar said.

A second paramedic on the scene, Yoni Hacohen, said the girl was frightened and in pain. "She spoke to us on the way the whole time. She was a real hero and we told her so," he said.

The Army spent the night canvassing the Psagot area and found an abandoned weapon on the road between Psagot and the Palestinian Arab village of al-Bireh. They're still searching for the Palestinian terrorist.

When they find him - and they will - he will probably be tried and convicted in an Israeli court. He will have a court appointed lawyer, or one paid by the Palestinian Authority. While he's in jail, he and his family will be paid a salary by the PA. And eventually, Mahmoud Abbas will want this monster released, as one of the "heroes of peace" and "holy martyrs" he constantly refers to them as.

This brave Arab warrior who attacked a child will be lionized as a hero by the Palestinians. In fact, they're already applauding the deed, on the PA's official Facebook page.


After a nine-year-old girl was shot in the Israeli town of Psagot in the West Bank yesterday, the administrator of an official Fatah Facebook page praised the terrorist shooter. He related the attack to a sniper attack that killed an Israeli soldier in Hebron two weeks ago. Writing on behalf of Fatah, the page administrator praised "the sniper of Palestine" who began his work in Hebron (the shooting of the soldier), passed through El-Bireh (the shooting of the girl), and - according to the Fatah Facebook page administrator - will continue in more places in the future:

"The sniper of Palestine was here. He saluted Hebron, and rested in El-Bireh. He left the signature of [real] men in different parts of the homeland. He saluted and left, and moved on to a different place, with a new signature, as he tells the stories of those who love the homeland."

This says a great deal about the nature of the people Israel is being pushed to negotiate with, if you could call it that.

Needless to say, the media outside Israel is ignoring this. If an Israeli had attacked an Arab girl like this, it would be screaming page one headlines world wide.

And of course, the farce known as the Peace Talks will go, and Israel will be pressured to release more Arab terrorists. As I've mentioned before, that sort of thing sends a certain message to Abbas and company.

And that message is not one that inclines them to behave peacefully.

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