Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Massive Rocket Attacks On Israel - Netanyahu Vows ‘Lots Of Noise In Gaza’

Today, as Israeli PM Netanyahu met with UK PM David Cameron, Hamas and Islamic Jihad launched a major rocket attack on Israel's south. Over 60 rockets were fired at Israel's civilian areas as well as mortar rounds,including a pre-school and it was only by the grace of G-d there were no casualties.

In fact, the rockets were fired from heavily populated civilian areas within Gaza City in order to use the civilians Arab population as human shields as the following video (proudly posted on a Hamas Facebook page) shows. Don't expect the UN, the hypocrites whom populate the various faux human rights groups or the Arab League to say anything about this:

Islamic Jihad,an Iranian financed and backed terrorist group that operates under Hamas protection called this attack 'Breaking the Silence' - a nifty title borrowed from the name of a small NGO group of Leftist former IDF soldiers that receives EU funding, agitates against the IDF and supports the BDS movement. And why not? They're on the same side.

“If there is no quiet in our south, no quiet for the residents of Israel, there will be noise, lots of noise in Gaza,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at a joint press conference with Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron. “And that’s putting it mildly.”

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon also vowed a response. “We will not let Islamic Jihad or anybody else in Gaza disrupt the life of Israel’s citizens,” Ya’alon said. “When it’s not quiet in southern Israel, it won’t be quiet in Gaza — so that the terrorists will regret their rocket fire.”

The IDF’s Southern Command chief, Sami Turgeman, said the army had “no intention of showing restraint.”

There were several air strikes and IDF tanks fired shells at several targets in Gaza.At thgis point, it's up to Hamas and Islamic Jihad whether the game continues.

British PM David Cameron held a joint press conference with Netanyahu after their meeting and likewise said the expected words about the Gaza attacks.

“Let me absolutely clear about these attacks from Gaza, we condemn them completely,” Cameron said. “They are a reminder once again of the importance of maintaining and securing Israel’s future and the security threats you face, and you have Britain’s support in facing those security threats.”

He also said that “these attacks are completely indiscriminate, aimed at civilian populations and that is a demonstration of how barbaric they are.”

Leaving aside the question of what British support might be worth and what it would consist of beyond the odd pro forma condemnation, what Cameron was chiefly in Israel to accomplish by his own admission was to press for an Israeli retreat and surrender to those 'barbarians' to create a Palestinian state in even closer firing range to Israel's populated areas. In fact, Cameron himself welcomed the unity deal between the genocidal Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. And aside from the funding the British government gives Hamas through the UN and organizations like Oxfam, the official UK Charity Commission itself allows direct funding of Hamas through tax exempt charitable giving...while supporting EU policies that are attempting to make a ghetto out of pre-'67 Israel by practicing a boycott of Judea and Samaria.

It wouldn't be diplomatic or civil to mention these things in a public press conference, but you have to wonder how deep the UK's friendship for Israel goes. As you can imagine, I have my own views on that.

Cameron is also there to try to strengthen commercial ties with Israel in an attempt to revitalize Britain's economy, particularly in the high tech sector and was accompanied by a number of business men.

Netanyahu, on the other hand, is going to talk to Cameron about Iran.

We'll see what develops.


B.Poster said...

Hamas. Islamic Jihad, the various other Islamic terrorist groups targeting Israel, and the nation states who support them pose a far greater threat to Israel today than Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan posed to the US or the allies in the early 1940s during WWII. The Allied response to the threats of WWII was fire bombing of Dresden and dropping nuclear weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki among other things.
Next time the Europeans or the Americans criticize Israel for their actions which will likely be soon the Israelis need to remind the Americans and the Europeans, especially the Americans of this.

louielouie said...

i can't see why bibi would soil himself by visiting with cameron.
or any brit.
but that's just me.
while bibi is making noise in gaza, he better have more than one eye on tel aviv ATC monitors.
can't ever tell when a malaysian airlines plane will come in for an unscheduled one way landing.