Sunday, March 23, 2014

Michelle Obama And Her Entourage Living It Up In China - On Your Money

As you may know, First Lady Michelle Obama is in China on yet another vacation paid for by the American tax payers.

The First Lady, her mother, and her daughters are staying in the presidential suite at the Westin Beijing Chaoyang, a 3,445-square-foot suite designed with the ultimate luxury in mind that costs a whopping $8,350 a night.

Ah, but that's just for the Obamas. An assortment of her retainers and Chicago and DC hangers on have additional rooms in the hotel, and the Secret Service and lower level help have an entire floor booked.

Mrs. Obama's previous luxury romp in Spain cost close to half a million of your tax dollars, and according to the UK Daily Mail, Judicial Watch reports that it cost more than $11 million for President and Mrs. Obama to travel to Africa for Nelson Mandela's memorial service in December, where the president and his wife and their entourage were in Africa for less than 13 hours. This week-long China trip will come with a heavy tab, what with the increased flying time to Beijing, the five star accommodations and meals and all the additional security.The entire spectacle amounts to over 70 people getting a luxury trip to China on the American taxpayers for what is essentially a tourist excursion with no official business involved at all - yet it's being billed as an 'official trip.'

Yep, real warriors for the middle class! There's a quaint expression that comes to mind here, but I digress.

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