Friday, March 14, 2014

Chilling Video - Maduro's Venezuelan National Guard Abduct HS Girls Off The Street

It's not getting too much attention right now, but Hugo Chavez's successor Presdidente Nicolas Maduro is consolidating control with an iron hand and rewarding his followers the way dictators always do.

Venezuela itself is in dire economic straits after years of Chavez's 'Bolivarian revolution' mismanagement. Inflation is rampant, the currency is essentially worthless, and the standard of living is collapsing as the prices of staples are through the roof. People are only allowed one shopping trip per week, and ala' Cuba, many times they don't find much when they get there. When faced with massive protests led mainly by students and middle class, Maduro's response has been to b;same the U.S. and crack down...hard.

Oddly enough, I've yet to hear President Obama say 'Maduro must go' the way he talked about Mubarak...oh wait...this is a hard Left socialist dictatorship! Why would anyone even ask?


B.Poster said...

When evaluating things of this nature, it's important to know the context specifically what happened before and what happened after. It's difficult to really understand what is going on. Perhaps that's because I don't really understand Spanish very well.

There is the girl counting what appear to be police motorcycles that have female passengers. Some females are later seen running with police officers then the females get on the back of a motorcycle with multiple police officers. Then the girl doing the filming is attacked by police and she is heard screaming. This part looks especially bad for the officers in question. Another question that needs to be asked is was this staged?

According to the pro Venezuelan government media sources of which they are plentiful Mr. Obama is far from quite on this. In fact, he and his team are leading the opposition trying to overthrow a popular South American government for the benefit of US corporate interests. This may explain why he is "quite" about this. After all he ran (twice) as a leftist/socialist and was elected (twice) on this agenda. He might not want it known that he is actually aiding and abetting the opposition of a socialist government. Additionally the US media whose default position is generally to take the side of any American adversary and to cheerlead for any socialist country might find themselves in an uncomfortable position to report that the man they invested so much in isn't the socialist he was made out to be!!

Actually I think your implied explanation is more likely to be correct. Mr. Obama really supports the socialist dictatorship and he doesn't care much for America either which would explain why he has no real problem with America being demonized by the Venezuelan government.

Anonymous said...

@Poster Are you blind or what?

Those are all male police officers - actually, Venezuelan National Guard. The girl filming is counting the Guard motorcycles. The girls aren't 'running with them', they're running from them, and you can see some of them getting grabbed, handcuffed and thrown on motorcycles between two male Guards, one in front and one in back of the girl prisoner,trapping her in between. One of them runs up to the girl filming and when she asks them what they're doing, he tells her to stop filming and then starts beating the shit out of her. She probably wound up on a motorcycle between two Guards like her friends.

The video is a cell phone, it probably got dropped in the scuffle.

You can just imagine what happened to the girls.

Once the Guards are tired of them, they'll either be ransomed back to their families or sold to the cartels.

B.Poster said...


No I'm not blind. If you read my post, I think you'd realize that I tend to agree with Rob's assessment of the Venezuelan government. The last part looks especially bad. If these were US cops which they are not, their careers in law enforcement would be over based upon the you tube video alone.

As I stated, it would be important to ask ourselves was this staged? As the pro-Venezuelan government media would tell us of which they are plentiful, police uniforms, gear, and motorcycles are easily obtained. In other words, was this staged?

Given that there is nothing to be gained by staging this as the Venezuelan government opposition appears to have no support in the US, I'd lean in the direction of assuming this video is legitimate. Actually the relationship between the US government and Hugo Chavez could be best summed up by the following statement. "We loved him, he hated us." I'd think the US government relationship with his successor would be no different.

I do have to wonder how these cops could have failed to retrieve a cell phone dropped in a scuffle. Securing a crime scene is the most basic element of police training. Forgetting this is a bit like forgetting 1+1=2. I'm thinking they really were that dumb. After all this is a socialist dictatorship where there is no accountability. This can lead to stupid behavior. While I think the video likely was not staged, I think it prudent to ask that question as US policy makers have been fooled by staged events in the past.