Monday, April 07, 2014

Tyranny: Supremes Won't Hear Appeal from Photographer Fined For Refusing to Shoot Gay Wedding

The U.S. Supreme Court today refused to hear an appeal from Elane Photography, a Christian-owned New Mexico business who was fined for turning down business that involved photographing gay marriages on religious grounds.

The New Mexico State Supreme Court had ruled against Elane Photography in 2013, ruling she discriminated against a gay couple because she refused to shoot their same-sex ceremony. Since the Supreme Court has clearly decided to ignore Elane's First Amendment rights, refusing even to hear the case, their cowardice means that this tyrannical ruling will stand as a precedent.

The implications are monstrous. What's next...will clergymen be forced to officiate over homosexual weddings and hold them in their mosques, synagogues, churches and temples regardless of their beliefs? Do private businesses no longer have the right to refuse  services to anyone for any reason?

We apparently are no longer a nation of laws anymore. Or a nation of G-d-given freedoms.


louielouie said...

now ff, you know better to include mosques in that phrase.

Rob said...

Actually, American Muslims, especially those associated with the Muslim Brotherhood and their affiliates here in America are being silent at worst and mostly somewhat in favor of allowing gay marriage.

Let's see if you can guess why.

louielouie said...

well, there would be a segment of islamists that would "break another's eye", there would also be a segment, that is in the administration that would not want to lose their position.
however, when push comes to shove, i just don't see the CAIR/M-B cabal going along with this when it all goes public.
the imam this past week who proclaimed that a man can not sit in a spot that is still warm from a woman sitting there before him, i just don't see them tolerating this.

louielouie said...

myself, personally, i wouldn't have a problem photographing this ceremony.
my fee?
$13,674.00 payable in advance.

Reliapundit said...

the only thing that is deviant to the postmodern left is deviancy from the party line.

Rob said...

Oh, but they would go along with it, for now.

What do the Ihkwan want more than anything else as a start of dominating America? Sharia law legitimized, right?

And if the legal definition of marriage is distorted to allow same sex marriage, then it can be easily stretched even further to allow polygamy, as Islam ordains.And from there, to separate sharia courts covering marriage, divorce, child custody and other domestic law matters.

Can't you just hear Kagan, Breyer the NYT and tons of other leftwing commentators now?

"After all, it's just another lifestyle, isn't it? And that's their religion! Who are we to judge?"

This is pretty much what's happening in the UK as I write this. Precedent is precedent.


John Miller Jr said...

Rob, your article couldn't be more correct. It's complete tyranny what the supreme court is doing and Thomas, Scalia, and the rest of the so called 'conservative' justices should be ashamed of themselves. Just from my own experience, I've run my own restaurant for the past 7 years and I've never let a single dirty jew into my establishment, nor will I. The idea that the government can tell me that I have to serve a greedy rat jew is repulsive to me. Keep up the good fight, Rob.

Rob said...

Well ('John Miller Jr') Turd, guess what?

I know you don't 'own' a restaurant (maybe you wait table in one,at best)but if you did, I would fully support your right not to serve anyone you didn't want to. That's freedom, isn't it?

Besides, just like all Jew haters you 'know' that all Jews are filthy rich, right? So if you want to deprive yourself of that income, I applaud you. I wouldn't even care if you named it Hitler's Oven and had a bunch of your fellow Lefty kameraden hang out there. They used to call them rindfleischsteaks 'beefsteaks' back in the good old days, you know. Brown shirts on the outside, but commie red inside.

You see, I like stuff out in the open, instead of people who cowardly hide out behind anonymity and pretend to be decent.

Besides, given the sort of 'business' someone of your intelligence, taste and discernment would obviously run if you ever got it together enough to put something like that together, why would any self-respecting human being,Jewish or otherwise even want to set foot in there?