Friday, April 11, 2014

UPDATE: Obama Will Sign Bill To deny Iran's UN Envoy A Visa

Faced with legislation approved unanimously by both houses of congress, the White House is signalling that it will sign legislation banning terrorists from receiving Visa's as diplomatic personnel:

"We concur with the Congress and share the intent of the bill," said White House spokeshole Jay Carney.

What sparked the legislation was the appointment by 'moderate' Iranian president Hasan Rouhani of Hamid Aboutalebi to serve as Iran's UN envoy, which means he would enjoy diplomatic immunity in America.

Aboutalebi, pictured above then and now ( he's on your left in the older photo) participated in taking our diplomats in Tehran hostage and holding them for ransom back in 1979.

The Obama team had no problems with this initially, but it outraged congress, so they were forced to act.

Of course, we could have allowed him into America and then taken him and his staff hostage, but that's not how civilized nations behave, is it?

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