Friday, April 04, 2014

Video: When Vladimir Putin Called Sarah Palin

Jimmy Fallon's ratings on the Tonight Show haven't been all that great so far, so his booker decided to bring in a guaranteed ratings machine..Governor Sarah Palin.

Now, being in demand as she always is, the Governor obviously made in clear she wasn't interested in being interviewed, but she was willing to do this comedy skit, in exchange for a plug for her upcoming TV show, "Amazing America" , which premiered last night on the Sportsman's Channel.

The skit's merely fair - the funniest bit has a cameo by the actor playing Barack Obama - but what struck me most was the response Sarah Palin got in solid Blue New York City.

Fallon didn't tell the audience she was going to be in the skit in his intro, and the scream of delight from the audience that greeted her when she came on camera has to be heard to be believed.

Another high point at the end is when Putin says to Sarah Palin that he's thinking about invading Alaska and she tells him why that would be a really bad idea. Again, the audience response is a-m-a-z-i-n-g. And again this is in New York City.

The American spirit isn't dead yet..just starved for leadership.


louielouie said...

oh my.
who are you and what has happened to ff?
the dumm mass newyawkers thought it was tina fey. were waiting for her to say she can SEE russia. like tina fey said. they don't know who sarah palin is!!!!
don't care!!!!!
as for me i can't understand why she would soil herself by doing this.
LL cradles his shaking head in both hands.

Rob said...

Hi Louie,
Nah, they knew it was Sarah Palin. Tina Fey looked a little like Sarah Palin used to look but she doesn't look like Sarah Palin does now and doesn't really sound like her. They knew this was the real Sarah Palin.

As for why she did this, don't sweat it. It's part of the biz. When you have new product out (a book, a CD, a movie, a TV show, etc.) you want your corporate partners/employers to know that you're out there promoting it. And in Sarah Palin's case, there was probably her expense and a fee involved as well, since she doesn't need the Tonight Show.

And trust me, a lot of that audience knows exactly who Sarah Palin is.She could go to any city in America on short notice and draw a sizable crowd, even NYC.I was just surprised the response was that frenetic.

commoncents said...

Have it on CC as well (Great minds..)

How about a Link Exchange w/ CC?