Monday, December 05, 2016

A Great Foreign Policy And Defense Forum With Dick Cheney And Leon Panetta

This is a major treat for anyone interested in U.S. foreign policy and national defense. A great Forum at the Reagan National Defense Forum featuring former Defense Secretaries Leon Panetta and Dick Cheney, along with veteran Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr.

This is a great discussion of the new era of foreign policy under President-elect Donald Trump, the challenges and national security threats we face and possible solutions by three people with vast experience and who very much know what they're talking about.

The fact that all three know and respect each other makes this a refreshing change from the usual shouting contest, and some humorous banter between the trio leavens an extremely worthwhile and informative discussion.

Well worth an hour's time, taped live as it happened at the Reagan Library.

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Scott Kirwin said...

I'm actually a fan of both men. They remind me of a time when Democrats weren't bats**t crazy during the Reagan/Bush era.

Panetta's criticism towards the end could only have been directed at Obama. I noticed that he didn't waste much time defending the current president against Cheney's barbs.