Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Jihad Massacre In Berlin - Merkel's Handiwork

Germans and the world were horrified by a jihad massacre that occurred when a stolen truck plowed into a crowd of holiday shoppers at a Berlin Christmas market.

Twelve people were murdered, including three who were so badly mangled they haven't been identified yet. Over fifty were injured.

The truck itself was a huge 25 ton 18 wheeler with a Polish registry carrying steel beams as a cargo. It left the road and ran directly into the market, located in Breitscheidplatz Square in Berlin's main shopping area at 40 MPH.


The police investigation and examination of the truck showed that it had been hijacked. The driver, Lukasz Urban was shot while his truck was parked near the ThyssenKrupp engineering facility. His dead body was still in the truck.

German police originally arrested a 23-year-old Pakistani asylum seeker identified as Naved B
as a suspect. he'd been living in Germany since February. After interrogating him, they decided there wasn't sufficient evidence to try him for the truck attack. They also discovered that he had applied for asylum under a false name and had a criminal record he hadn't disclosed when he applied, they simply released him...believe it or not.

For reasons they haven't disclosed, German authorities still maintain that this was a jihadi attack. An unnamed 'senior security source' told the German newspaper Bild that so far, they have been unable to 'track' the wanted man. While they do know this was a terrorist attack, they're not certain at this point whether they're dealing with a so-called lone wolf or a larger terror cell.

ISIS,by the way, has already claimed credit and is promising more to come. and why not? Didn't they warn us multiple time how they had infiltrated the 'refugees?'

Berlin prosecutor Holger Münch warned of a 'serious threat' of another 'significant' terror attack and Berliners were urged to stay indoors.

Imagine that..telling an entire city of three and a half million people to stay indoors as the price for their government's enforced importation of over a million unvetted Muslim 'refugees.'

From last years' mass gang rape on New Years' Eve in Köln  to this latest atrocity, all o fit is owed by Chancellor Angela Merkel and her cronies, he shoved this through and foisted it on the German people.
There is blood on her hands, and there's no way she can simply wash it off. In the name of simple decency, she should resign...now.

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