Sunday, December 11, 2016

Fake News? How About 'Wa-ah, Putin Got Trump Elected!'

Ah yes, fake news, the latest gambit by the Left to marginalize and ban everything as 'fake' except for the Leftist propaganda their trained seals in the media put out.

The latest example is yet another attempt to rationalize their losing an election they thought they had in the bag, and of course, Hillary Clinton, the Democrats and their media presstitutes have latched on to it desperately. Of all people, Cenk Uyger, host of the ultra Left Young Turks show gets it exactly right:

Oh, and Mrs. Clinton? Speaking of fake news, no it wasn't a riot over a video that got the four brave men you left to die in Benghazi killed.

In the latest use of this tactic, fake new promulgated by the Left's media sycophants, President Barack Hussein Obama ordered a quickie review by the CIA, who came to the conclusion from 'sources' that it was Russia who hacked the DNC e-mails and caused poor Mrs. Clinton to go down in defeat.

Let's examine this from several angles.

First of all, Julian Assange, who ought to know, has been adamant that the Russians were not the source of the DNC e-mails. And at this point, he has nothing to gain by lying about it. Assange has already done two interviews on who what and when these hacks took place.

Second, no matter what the sources, were the e-mails fake? Did Vladimir Putin instruct the DNC to send e-mails revealing what corrupt, double dealing prog-facists they were? Did he tell them they had to detail how they rigged the primaries so only Hillary could win? Or to reveal their collaboration with their media allies, who sent articles to the campaign for their approval before running them? Did Putin tell them to take Donna Brazile  at CNN up on her offer to feed Hillary debate questions?

None of the players, not even serial liar John Podesta had the nerve to say these e-mails were fake...the most anyone said to their sympathetic media interlocutors is that they were 'unverified,' which is hilarious considering that everything else matched up and DNC heade Debbie Wasserman-Schultz had to end up 'resigning' over them.

Another point worth noting is how many of these e-mails likely wound up on Hillary's illegal unprotected server or Huma Abedin's unprotected laptop she shared with her estranged husband Anthony Weiner, a number of which Hillary thought she deleted.  Did the Russians or whoever actually hacked into their e-mails somehow make  Mrs. Clinton and her chief aide break the Official Records Act by doing that?

And finally, lets look at the source of all this, John Brenner's CIA.

Brenner's an interesting guy. He was, at one point Bill Clinton's intel briefer and then  the chief-of-staff to no less than Clinton's CIA head George Tenet. The CIA under former President Clinton was noted for pretty much ignoring the threat to the country from Islamist terrorism and totally missing the boat on Osama bin-Laden,Afghanistan and 9-11. The same team totally misinformed President Bush on Iraq, and Tenet and his team - including Brenner- were actually eviscerated by their own CIA in an Inspector General's internal report for their conduct during this time, particularly when it came to the period before 9/11 and the aftermath. In particular, the report says that CIA ties to Saudi Arabia limited the agency's ability to understand and stop al Qaeda.

And more particularly, guess who was CIA station head in Saudi Arabia for a good chunk of that time? Why yes, it was none other than John Brenner, who among other things was caught giving bogus intel to President Bush in 2003 that resulted in an "Orange Terror Alert", over Christmas 2003 intel that was later totally discredited by Brenner's own CIA.

There are a number of people whom claim that Brenner converted to Sunni Islam during his time in Saudi Arabia, but while there's no verification of that except rumor, one of the reasons Brenner likely got the job of CIA head from President Barack Hussein Obama is because he's a noted Islamophile, with a view of jihad that, shall we say, might be said to contradict not just the views of all four major Muslim fiqhs but the events we seen unfolding during the last 15 years.

And with a new head coming in to take his job whose view on that matter is 180 degrees opposed to his own and that of his boss, Brenner has a real motive to put something like this out to discredit the results of the election and try to delegitimize the new, incoming administration. It wouldn't be the first time he's pulled something like that. There's a reason the FBI, which had the same data considers the CIA's report 'vague' and 'contradictory'...or in other words, sheer horse manure.

Oh, and did I mention that John Brenner's also an extremely partisan Democrat?

That of course cuts to the heart of the matter.  The idea is to jackhammer this in the media  ad nauseum to taint the incoming administration, because of course Hillary would have won except for Putin, right?

And while we're at it, shall we look at some real efforts to manipulate democratic election? President Barack Hussein Obama directly and illegally intervened with scads of money and high level campaign operatives in the 2013 election in Israel to try and get Netanyahu out of office. He intervened successfully in Nigeria's election to replace Goodluck Jonathan, a Christian and a friend of Israel and America with Islamist and former dictator Muhammadu Buhari, who is neither. He also stuck his nose into the last UK elections, endorsing David Cameron and then campaigning against Brexit, as well as providing cash and operatives to the Trudeau campaign in Canada that successfully removed Stephen Harper.

Did anyone in the Democrat media have anything to say about this? Did any of the Democrats and their Republican ponies like Lindsay Graham and John McCain who claim now to be such passionate advocates of democracy and free elections make a sound? Hell, no.

The hypocrisy would be embarrassing to anyone but a Leftist prog-facist and their useful idiots. Never mind how bad it is for an already divided country to spread this crap just now, right after an election. To the Left, it's always about power by any means necessary.

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