Monday, December 19, 2016

Trump Wins The Electoral Vote (And No, Hillary Didn't Win The Popular Vote)

Today, the electors of the Electoral College had their official vote, and one candidate lost electoral votes.

That would be Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton, who had 4 of her electors peel off and vote for someone else. In Washington, a state Clinton won, she ended up with only eight of the state's 12 electoral votes. Colin Powell received three votes and Native American tribal leader Faith Spotted Eagle received one. Two of Donald Trump's electors, both from Texas peeled off as well,one voting for Ron Paul and another for John Kasich. That gave him a total of 306, far above the 270 he needed. One of them was Christopher Suprun, who now faces prosecution under federal Stolen Valor statutes for claiming he was a 9/11 first responder when he wasn't anywhere near New York or Washington DC on the day in question. Probably just got confused...again.

There were, of course, protesters inside and outside the state capitol buildings where the votes were cast. After going to the trouble of harassing electors for over a month withe-mails, phone calls, and even death threats, they certainly weren't going to stop now. Some of the indoor tantrums were hilarious:

The entire clip on NBC News shows the man in the glasses warning her gently, exactly that way you would speak to a child..'now please sit down, or we'll have to give you a time out.'
When she went nuts, she was removed.

There are other clips of this sort of behavior, but this should suffice.

The part that isn't hilarious at all is the blatant disrespect for our democracy and the American people who voted for Donald Trump. The psychodrama was fueled by the myth of Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote, something the media keeps rehashing, perhaps in hopes people will eventually think of it as a fact. Actually, neither candidate won the popular vote, because neither got over 50% of it.

More to the point, the majority of Americans outside of the city limits of Los Angeles and New York City elected Trump.

As of November 27, according to The New York Times, Hillary Clinton had 62,391,335 votes from all states. She had 1,969,920 votes from the five counties that make up New York City, and 1,893,770 votes from Los Angeles County, California.

Donald Trump had 61,125,956 votes from all states, including 461,174 votes from the five counties that make up New York City, and 620,285 votes from Los Angeles County.

In other words, Hillary beat Trump 3,863,690 votes to 1,081,459 votes in New York City and Los Angeles.

But Trump beat Hillary by 60,044,497 votes to 58,527,645 votes in the rest of the country outside the borders of New York City and Los Angeles. So Hillary’s margin in the popular vote rests ENTIRELY on her margin in two large cities — neither of which was contested by the Trump campaign.

Arguing that Hillary 'won' is like saying that the Cleveland Indians should have won the World Series because they got more runs than the Chicago Cubs.

But wait, it gets better.

Remember Jill Stein's Hillary Clinton backed recount attempt? Originally, it was ordered in the State of Michigan by U.S. District Judge Mark Goldsmith, an Obama appointee, even though Stein had no standing since there was no way a recount would have affected the election. She proceeded to file suit in two other states Trump won, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. And then suddenly, the whole scam ground to a halt, with Goldsmith hurriedly reversing himself and cancelling the recount.

That happened after Trump started gaining votes in all three states...and clear evidence of voter fraud was found in Wayne County affecting over 47% of the precincts in Detroit showing more votes than there were registered voters,which is why Judge Goldsmith was happy to reverse himself and let sleeping dogs lie. Similar evidence was found in Wisconsin (Dane County) and Philadelphia, but since recounts were barely started in Wisconsin or Pennsylvania, we have no clue as to how many votes Trump may have actually gotten.

Jill Stein took the $2 million she scammed off this and went home, but there's also evidence in states Hillary won that Stein never contested. There's also evidence of voter fraud in Chicago and quite a bit of evidence in Clark County (Las Vegas)Nevada, where most of the states illegal migrants live. Trump lost Nevada by only 26,434 votes, but we'll never know if he actually did. Ditto in California, with the highest population of illegal migrants in the U.S., no voter ID laws whatsoever, easily obtained matricula consular cards from the Mexican consulate as the only ID needed to get a driver's license or register a vehicle and automatic voter registration when you do.

California also rarely if ever purges its voter registration rolls. My mother, a devout Democrat got her usual absentee ballot over a year after she passed away at the house I own she lived in that's now rented out to tenants. I could very easily have used it to make her vote for Trump if I lacked a heart.

So the whole narrative that 'Hillary Clinton won the popular vote' is sheer nonsense. Fake news, if you like.

What isn't fake is what the Left has planned. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama could have helped unite the country by simply saying what they already knew...that Donald Trump had won the presidency fair and square, that the American people needed to respect the vote, and that it was time to put the campaign aside and get behind the new president. Instead, they chose to aid and abet further division and try to deligitimize the election.

Even Bill Clinton has gotten into the act. Today, as an elector for New York State, he cast his vote for Mrs. Clinton but couldn't avoid saying, "At the end we had the Russians and the FBI deal – she couldn't prevail against that."

Of course! It was the Russians who forced Hillary and her minions to violate the Federal Records Act multiple times and commit felonies. It was Putin who made her set up those illegal servers to hide her crooked deals concerning the Clinton Foundation and then delete and bleachbit 32,000 emails that were under congressional subpoena. It was Putin who made Hillary put classified material on her private server and then lie about it to congress. The Russians forced the DNC to send all those e-mails bragging about how they rigged the primaries,fed Hillary debate questions and made all those racist, misogynist and anti-semitic remarks. And it was Putin who made Hillary's chief aide Huma Abedin put emails concerning State Department business on an unprotected laptop she shared with her pervert husband and lie about it to the FBI. Now, I know Putin is a fairly strong leader but I had no idea he had such magic powers of hypnotism!

 Image result for putin smiling

Vladimir Putin has modestly denied these magical powers,telling President Obama to provide proof that Russia hacked those  emails of shut up. But I'm sure we can believe Bill Clinton,who never lies, right?

Besides, the media is going with that same narrative.

We'll see what comes next.


Anonymous said...

Hillary’s margin in the popular vote rests ENTIRELY on her margin in two large cities — neither of which was contested by the Trump campaign.

I don't quite understand what you mean by this. New York and LA are not part of America now? Their votes don't count? You can't just cherrypick which citizens you think should have a voice. Also, you don't seem to understand what 'winning the vote' means. A candidate wins by plurality, not by majority. A vote of 5 to 4 with 12 abstaining is still a win for the 5. This is basic stuff and I'm not sure I follow your thinking unless it just really gets under your skin that Hillary got more votes than Trump.

Rob said...

I think there's a snarky argument that Los Angeles and certain parts of NYC don't exactly represent being 'part of America,' but I have no intention of going there.

I think you missed the main point of the article. Because of the significant voter fraud, we have no way of knowing how many legitimate votes Hillary Clinton actually got. For instance, most of Hillary's votes in Michigan came in Wayne County (Detroit) where almost 40% of the precincts showed far more votes recorded than there were registered voters, and since the recount was abruptly stopped once that came up, the Obama appointed judge who ordered the recount quickly shut it down. So Trump may actually have won Michigan by a much greater total. Ditto in other areas I mentioned. Trump may very well have also won Nevada, and without the votes of the thousands of convicted felons Democrat Governor Terry McAuliffe illegally restored voting rights to by executive order when it was too late to challenge it in the courts, Trump might very well have won Virginia too.

Another thing I should mention is that our elections are fifty separate elections,something important in a large and diverse country with diverse local issues. If we conducted elections based on the popular vote alone, aside from disenfranchising most of the country, the candidates would have campaigned differently, not to mention that it's obvious that the Democrats want to junk the electoral college because the majority of Democrat support in concentrated in a few easily controlled urban enclaves and would favor them.

That argument is like saying the Indians should have won the world series because they got more runs. Hillary attempted to cheat her way to the presidency and won a few states, but she still lost the series.

So why did I write this article? I'm glad you asked.

Americans until recently had a wonderful tradition. No matter how hard fought the campaigns were, once they were over the vast majority of Americans accepted the results, wished the new president well and they and the press gave the new president a sort of 'honeymoon' period to put together his administration and get into harness.

The Democrats ended that tradition in 2000, and continued it in 2004, creating mythology that they really won those elections and using it as an excuse to demonize and obstruct the new president, to be as divisive as possible.

They're doing the same thing now. Having FAILED in their attempt to negate Trump's legitimate and historic win after the fact, they are pledging to do their best to 'fight back' and sabotage him, an insult to our democracy. President Obama is leading the charge, crafting executive orders and doing everything he possibly can to make Trump's job more difficult. That's unheard of previously.

I wrote this simply to debunk the latest attempt at mythology.

The Democrat Party has become a party of spoiled, toxic brats, insufferable and borderline totalitarian when they win, destructive,toxic and tantrum prone when they don't.

I'm tired of it and I don't think I'm alone. Since the Democrats feel no longer have to honor the tradition I spoke of, neither does the Trump administration and it's supporters.

Enjoy the next 8 years.


Anonymous said...

Because of the significant voter fraud, we have no way of knowing how many legitimate votes Hillary Clinton actually got.

What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

Unknown said...

Los Angeles is part of America? Huh. Learn something new everyday.

In The People's Republic of California, one must buy a license just to sneeze. But, in this massively overly regulated state, when it comes to voting, in the place with the most illegal migrants, where confirming the legal status of voters should be, therefore, more important than in any other state, they don't require such minimal proof of citizenship as showing your damn ID when you vote?

How politically convenient for the leftists running the Left Coast that they've chosen this ONE activity to demand NOTHING of those casting ballots. OF COURSE there's no voter fraud in California. You don't have to be a rocket surgeon to understand the Dem's reasoning:
Voting for President of the United States of America is far less important than catching a fish.

Rob said...

What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

Ah, but I provided quite a bit of evidence...which of course, Obama's crooked, racist DOJ will certainly never fully investigate.

And of course, people with your views will always dismiss it, because it suits your agenda.