Saturday, November 17, 2007

Israel Wins!

Israel's Barda celebrates a goal.

You'll remember last week that I had a lot of fun looking at England finally cheering for an Israeli victory for a change....on the sports field against Russia, so that England's football team could have a chance at making it into the `08 Euro finals.

Well the underdog `Zionists' came through for England by beating Russia in an upset victory 2-1, giving England another lease of life. Since the Israelis won, all England has to do is to tie Croatia to make it into the finals.They might be able to manage it.

Amazing it is, to see headlines in the British press referring to `Israeli heroics' and `Israel's triumph' instead of the usual hatred thinly veiled as `anti-Zionism'.

England's manager, Steve McClaren, likely took my advice and buttonholed every rabbi he could get his hands on to pray over the Sabbath for an Israeli victory. Not only did it save England's chances of getting into the finals, it probably saved McClaren from getting lynched live on TV at Wembley stadium by an outraged mob next Wednesday.

Now, that would have been a high circulation cut on YouTube!

Bechatzlechah, chaverim. Like I said, I was rooting for you to win this one for yourselves, not for England.

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