Monday, November 19, 2007

UK Channel 4's `Undercover Mosque' Completely Vindicated

You may recall that I did a story previously on Britain's Channel 4 and its documentary, `Undercover Mosque', where Channel 4 actually went undercover and secretly filmed British imams at work preaching hatred at the usual Friday sermons (notably at the Green Line Mosque in Birmingham) and broadcast it as a documentary.

Of course, the British police did absolutely nothing about the mosques or the hate imams.Instead, they went after Channel 4, reporting them to the UK’s media regulatory agency, Ofcom and claiming that Channel 4 committed lapses of journalistic integrity.

That investigation has now been concluded, and Channel 4 has been totally vindicated, of course. Above is a video report on the matter.

And of course, those British imams are still preaching that same old stuff at places like the Green Line Mosque.

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