Saturday, March 15, 2008

Obama Shucks And Jives On Jeremiah Wright

But those that tell lies, that seek my soul to destroy it,they shall go into the nethermost parts of the earth; they shall fall by the sword; they shall be a portion for foxes -Psalm 63.

The dinosaur media has finally been forced to acknowledge Barack Hussein Obama's hate mongering `spiritual mentor', and accordingly, the Chosen One was forced to do a little tap dancing around the matter.

At first, he tried to sluff it off the same way he normally does, saying ""Here is what happens when you just cherry-pick statements from a guy who had a 40-year career as a pastor."

When that didn't quite work, he was forced to issue a statement that was supposed to calm the waters and jive us into forgetting all about Pastor Wright's bigoted screeds. Instead, it was so stunning in its outright lies, effrontery and lack of respect for the intelligence of the rest of us that the only explanation for him issuing it is pure arrogance.

He starts by emphasizing that Pastor Wright is 'nearing retirement' and then goes on to issue a pro forma `denunciation...of those remarks of his that are at issue.'

He then goes on to make the incredible claim that that in a 20 year relationship with this cretin, he never heard him make remarks like these, either in the pulpit or privately.

And he says that Jeremiah Wright `preached the gospel of Jesus, a gospel on which I base my life. In other words, he has never been my political adviser; he's been my pastor.'

In the first place,Obama is L-Y-I-N-G when he says that he was never present when Wright came out with some of these gems...not that it was believable anyway.Wright, on Sunday after 9/11 did one of his typical sermons,stating that 9/11 was G-'ds judgment on white America and that it was justified because of America's evil and because the US `sponsors state terrorism against the Palestinians'. Obama claims to be a man of faith...anybody believe he and his whiny wife weren't in church saying `Amen' that particular Sunday?

And by the way - if, as he claims, he wasn't aware of Wright's sermons, then why emphasize that Wright is retiring, as if Wright's remarks were an embarrassing little item he was hoping would soon pass away when Wright left?

The reality, of course is that Wright's sermons are entirely in sync with what the members of his church believe, including Obama. If not,why would they continue to go there?

He's also lying when he says that Wright played no role as a political adviser - since Jeremiah Wright was actually one of the advisers on his campaign.

As a matter of fact, Wright suddenly 'resigned' from the campaign after the videos of him in the pulpit started circulating last week. Is there anyone with the brains G-d gave a goat reading this who doubts that he and Wright had this arranged beforehand,just in case?

Obama is publicly distancing himself from Wright now because it's politically convenient - just like he did with Farrakhan.

By the way, just as a point of interest,Jeremiah Wright belonged to the Nation of Islam until he figured out that transplanting the NOI's bigotry into a Christian format would be a nice career...which also explains why he and Louis Farrakhan get along so well.

I am sick and tired of Barack Hussein Obama's facile lies and explanations,on this and other matters.The truth is simply not in him.

This goes beyond mere campaign folderol - it's about turning a blind eye and tacitly endorsing race hatred, anti-Semitism and hatred of our country.

I'm particularly interested in whether black folks will continue to support this charlatan.

Do you recognize the scripture above? Do you?

Tell me,brothers and sisters - are you prepared to give a pass to racism and bigotry when it comes from one of your own?

Just between us now...are you?

And if you are, are you willing to own up to what that says about you?

I really want to know.

UPDATE: Pastor Wright's church, The Trinity United Church Of Christ has apparently given me an answer to my question ...they're perfectly willing to give racism and bigotry a pass. Given whom they are, it's not unexpected.


The Man that was never a boy said...

Have you read the whole sermon of Dr. Wright? (I think not) If you had you would not be calling him a hate monger. If you just listen to the media's sound bite, I understand your comments. Informed people know better than to go on a 30 second sound bite. Maybe I give you too much credit. Besides, a universal principal is reap and sow. For the so called "white America" (whatever that is) to think that the sins of their forefather will go unaddressed for forever is worst than ignorant

Freedom Fighter said...

Let me understand you - if we look at a whole speech of Hitler's and just pick out the bits about full employment and the trains running on time, he gets a pass for the other stuff in his speech, hmmm?

Don Imus gave a two hour broadcast that was innocuous and even boring, except for three little words, so people,including St. Obama were wrong to put pressure on his employer to fire him,right?

Interesting when you turn it around,isn't it? Unless,of course,you're into moral relativism and apologizing for blatant bigotry when it comes from the Wright people ( pun intended).

As for your other contention, that white America has some dues paying to do for the sons of their forefathers, respectfully I think that's a bunch of crap.

America is a force for good in the world, just in case you haven't noticed. Ask the Bosnians, the victims of AIDS in Africa, the victims of the Asian Tsunami and a hundred other disasters about that..and maybe take a few notes.

And speak of 'reap and sow'what do you think people with your views will reap for not crediting the plus side of the ledger for freeing half the world from fascist and communist tyranny, fighting a civil war to free slaves that cost 600,000 lives,spending a trillion dollars on programs specifically designed to benefit black folks in 1960's dollars and making racism legally and morally unacceptable in Mainstream America..except of course,for people like Al Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright and `good Germans' like Obama who give people like Wright a pass? sale.