Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Audacity Of Lies - Obama On Race

Forced into a corner by the spotlight on his long time pastor, self-described 'spiritual mentor' and campaign adviser Jeremiah Wright as a bigot, racist and hater of his own country,presidential aspirant Barack Obama gave a speech today that was billed in advance to be a 'sweeping statement on race in America.'

I had the opportunity to listen to it in its entirety, and to confirm my initial impressions of the 40-minute speech by re-reading the transcript,and I find it unfortunate that a large chunk of the dinosaur media are concentrating on the drama and delivery while glossing over what was actually said and the implications of it - rather like Senator Obama himself.

To begin with, the entire advertised premise of the speech was patently bogus.

As much as Obama would like this to be about race, it isn't. What it actually should have been about was an explanation of why Barack Hussein Obama chose a bigot, an America hater and anti-Semite as his pastor, chose to stay in this pastor's church in spite of its racist and Afro-centric dogma, chose to try and gloss over it as a non-issue, and how he would justify these choices while running to be the president of all the people of these United States.

What Obama did, while making a point of telling us how much he disagreed with the statements of racism, anti-Americanism and Jew hatred routinely espoused in the Trinity pulpit was to essentially excuse them.

First we were treated to a sonorously delivered but declasse' history lesson on white racism, as though the events of two hundred years ago somehow justify bigotry from a black pastor today. What Obama essentially used was the time honored cry of a seven-year old boy caught in a misdeed `hey they did it too', as though one excuses the other!

As part of this, Obama demonized Geraldine Ferraro for making the very true observation that Obama has in fact been playing the race card from day one and would be nowhere as far along in his presidential campaign if he wasn't a charismatic black man. And he even had the naked effrontery to throw his white grandmother under the bus, using her as a supposed example of white racism to compare with Jeremiah Wright. In other words, we are supposed to equate private `racial stereotypes' spoken by a woman ( still living) whom Obama admits probably loves him more than anything in this world with the hateful public utterances of someone who billed himself as a man of G-d.

I've heard the old expression before about someone being willing to sell his grandmother in order to get ahead, but was embarrassing to me to actually hear it live.

Speaking of embarrassing admissions, Barack Obama at least finally dropped the blatant lie that in twenty years acquaintance he had never heard any of Jeremiah Wright's little screeds. He finally admitted he had heard a number of things he `profoundly disagreed with' but hey,who hasn't had their preacher, priest or rabbi say things in they disagreed with, hmmm? Happens all the time right?

He then went on to sound the battle cry of moral relativists everywhere, saying that you have to remember, you white people...Pastor Wright grew up during the 1950's and 1960's, so of course you have to understand his rage....as though that excuses the sort of racist, America-hating nonsense Pastor Wright has made a regular habit of dispensing to his congregation.

Obama, of course, would ideally like to have it both ways, and as much as said so. He wants credit for choosing not to disown Pastor Wright and his bigotry because he's family, and credit at the same time for being a force to heal the exact racial divide that people like Pastor Wright rejoice in widening.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. I believe Jesus had something to say about those that try to serve two masters.

I have news for Barack Obama. While he was obviously willing to accept this nonsense in the church he chose to worship in, neither politics or bigotry is the normal occurrence in the vast majority of churches and synagogues in America during religious services. Frankly, most Americans, regardless of race would walk out of such a church and never return, and rightly so. They understand something Obama has apparently never bothered to learn, the difference between right and wrong, and especially how one enables evil by excusing it. And as far as what Obama had to say about this kind of nonsense being the norm in black churches, I have a little bit of personal testimony - I've been a guest at services in at least a dozen black churches during my lifetime and never have never heard anything even remotely like the sort of racist bile that spewed out of Pastor Wright's Trinity Church.

In fact, by maligning black churches and essentially trying to force blacks to make a choice between ethnic loyalty to him as the black candidate and their own better instincts, Barack Obama was once again playing the race card and cynically using it for his own political advantage.

The senator made a number of pleasant noises during his speech,and he obviously had his people working overtime on it. However, like most efforts to polish a turd, it fell short to anyone listening critically...although it was quite revealing as to whom Barack Hussein Obama really is and what he believes, almost in spite of himself.


Anonymous said...

Great post. I agree with your analysis of the situation. He has horrible judgment and you should check out my blog to learn about another "controversial" figure he supported in Chicago.

new samizdata said...

Very well said.

Much better reasoned that what we see in NY Times and Washington Post today.

Anonymous said...

the address sounded like his nominating acceptance speech to me.
what i zeroed in on was the ending. re-reading the transcript it is clear to me what i have said previously here. this campaign is about nothing. it is not about health care, it is not about the war. it is about nothing.
except maybe two sound bytes the man keeps repeating ad nauseum.
and just to give equal credit to the beginning of the speech, in the fourth or fifth paragraph there is this gem:

campaign – to continue the long march of those who came before us, a march for a more just, more equal, more free, more caring and more prosperous America.

straight out of mao's little red book to you.

Anonymous said...

“And oftentimes excusing of a fault doth make the fault the worse by the excuse.”
William Shakespeare