Saturday, March 22, 2008

Weekend Monkey And The Real Banana On Politics, 3/22/08

And now, it's time to slither through the fetid jungle of politics with my close personal friend, ex-Democrat candidate for president Weekend Monkey!

WM: Hideyho, primates!

FF: Hey what have you been up to lately?

WM: Ehhh! A couple of personal appearances here and there on the college circuit, pimping the mugs, posters and teeshirts, working on putting together the book deal, the usual stuff.

FF: I notice I haven't received any freebies, Monkey. What's that all about?

WM: Keep your underwear on, FF...I'll talk to Gruppstein about it, OK?

FF: And what's that about a book deal?

WM: Still in the works...just an inside look at my time on the campaign trail.

FF: You could call it, `The Audacity of Monkey'. Or maybe `A Swingin' Thing'.

WM: Hah hah, very funny FF. Not!

FF: Well,Monkey, the chickens have certainly come home to roost..

WM: You're talking about Obama Yo' Mama, right? I dunno,FF. Let's face it. None of this stuff with the whack job preacher or that church was exactly a and a lot of other people have been writing about it for months. A big chunk of the dinosaur media is still gonna give that jerk a pass, no matter what.

FF: Even if it means they're giving Obama a pass for essentially rationalizing racism? Giving a pass to someone saying that Ameri-KKK-a had 9-11 coming to it?

WM: You betcha, FF. I can tell you first hand now that I'm no longer a candidate, a lot of the scum in the dino media ain't the most loyal when it comes to their own part of the jungle. That's just how it is. And Obama Yo' Mama danced around things just enough to give them wiggle room, if they really wanted to find it.

FF: The amazing thing about the Pastor Wright stuff to me is that none of this was secret...all this stuff came from videotapes and DVDs the Trinity Church is promoting for sale.

WM:Hee hee hee! Yeah, the stuff Obama Yo' Mama claims he didn't know anything about!

FF: Y'know, Monkey, Obama kinda reminds me of all those 'Good Germans' after the Nazis were defeated. Never knew nothin' about Hitler,never supported the Nazis, never even noticed how all those Jews disappeared suddenly, even if they were living down wind from the camps.

But of course,with the Versailles Treaty,unemployment, the Jewish International Bankers and the Bolsheviks and Germany needing more lebansraum to fulfill its destiny, those 'Good Germans' were telling us how we had to understand where Hitler and the Nazis were coming from, right? And hey, a lot of Germans were having those conversations - can't disown `em, hmmm? That's exactly what Obama is - a 'Good German.'

WM: Y'know FF,Obama Yo' Mama threatened to have his security thugs beat me to a halal pulp for saying a whole lot less than you just did.

FF: It just fries me,Monkey.America is the most racially diverse country in the world, and one of the few places where you can still make it no matter what race or ethnicity you are. And it didn't get that way by chance...thousands of people worked and sweated for it, some even died, and while it ain't perfect, it's pretty damn good. And the last thing I want to see is for us all to take a big step backwards just so this opportunistic, smug little con man can play presidential candidate.

WM: Whooo,FF! You're on a roll tonight!

FF: You disagree with me, Monkey?

WM: Well, I didn't exactly say that, but you're pretty harsh on Obama there. Remember, FF, this is about politics not right and wrong. A lot of Obama Yo' Mama's supporters probably agree with this Reverend Wright. Was he supposed to just throw them under the bus in the middle of a tight campaign?

FF: What,Monkey!?!? Are you serious?

WM: Well...hey,get that look off your face, you're making me nervous...

FF: I'll answer your question Monkey..Y-E-S.Because if America means anything,it means that we don't have to put up with this tired racist BS no matter where or who it comes from. And still less with people that apologize for it,rationalize it, make it mainstream and poison the waters. And that shouldn't matter whether it spews from black,white, brown, yellow or polka-dot as far as I'm concerned.

WM: Well, I ...

FF: I'll go even farther with you on this riff, Monkey. As far as I'm concerned, black folks in general should be leading the charge on zero tolerance for black racism and anti-Semitism, because they should be able to see how much things have changed in America in the last fifty odd years or so. It was white people who passed the civil rights legislation, ended Jim Crow and ended the slave trade. And it was white people who led the charge to get Don Imus fired, to get Trent Lott ousted as Senate majority leader,to bust Texaco and Denny's. Black folks could not have done it without the support of the vast majority of white folks. And as far as I'm concerned the payback for all that - what black foks owe America - ought to be zero tolerance for black racists like Al Sharpton. Louis Farrakhan or Reverend Wright. And that includes smarmy apologists for racism like Obama, as far as I'm concerned. We've come too far for that.

And here's another little tidbit for you to think about,Monkey. Part of ending racism and bigotry in this country involves educating young people away from it. And Obama and his whiny Buppie wife have had their two kids sitting in that church, soaking up this bile for years now.

WM: Ummm, well...I never really though about it quite that way FF.

FF: You and a lot of other people,Monkey. Anyway....let's dish a little political dirt. Didn't mean to get on the soapbox.

WM: No,it's OK FF. Besides, that psychotic, about-to-go-off look you get sometimes is sorta appealing, in a crazed, demented kind of way...

FF: Can it, Monkey. So, did you see where Bill Richardson endorsed Obama?

WM: Yeah, I got quite a chuckle out of that!

FF: Did you see where Carville called Richardson a Judas?

WM: Hee hee hee hee! Hey,FF it's pretty simple. Richardson is a doofus, always was,but he was a long-time Clintonista and he was hoping to get the nod for VP, y'know? The way the campaign's shaping up, even if Shrillary gets the Donkey Crown, she wouldn't have been picking him, because she needed somebody black and/or further to the Left to bring the nut-roots back into the fold. So Richardson figured, being Hispanic,his endorsement was worth more to Obama than to Shrillary.

FF: So Carville was right?

WM: Yeah, essentially. But it's hardly surprising, if you've been following the antics of this guy Richardson.

FF: So, how do you see this going with the Dems, Monkey?

WM: It ain't over yet,that's for sure. I wouldn't be surprised to see Shrillary win Pennsylvania by ten points or more, but Obama Yo' Mama will just spin it to say that he was always going to lose there anyway. He's gonna concentrate on places like North Carolina and Indiana, where you have a lot of black Democrats. As a matter of fact, I think North Carolina's gonna be a major deal.

FF: How so?

WM: Obama Yo'Mama might be able to spin a big loss in PA,but North Carolina is a different matter. North Carolina is made to order for the big baboon - it's a predominantly Rethug state, with large college towns, a big black population, and higher than average income for a Southern state. And he was always leading there, and expected to win.

Now,with the Wright thing going down,the latest polls are showing Obama and Shrillary neck and neck there, which is freaking everybody out.

The deal for Shrillary to win is to convince the superdelegates,who are mostly professional pols that Obama Yo' Mama has no chance of winning in the general,can't carry the big traditionally Democrat states except for maybe Illinois. If she wins Pennsylvania real big and beats Obama in North Carolina, she has a pretty fair shot at doing that, I think.Actually,if she just gets close in North Carolina, especially if Obama gets below 35% of the non-black vote, she still has a decent shot,especially if she wins in Indiana.

FF: I think you've got something there,Monkey. I mean,have any of your Democrats noticed that Obama is winning mostly caucuses and mostly Republican states? There's no way that will happen in the general.

WM: I think it's been noticed, among the pros. But it's going to be hard to shut Obama out at this point without splitting the party - which could still happen, by the way. Plus,the Dems might just have written off Michigan and Florida if they don't figure something out pretty quick.

FF: As far as Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Indiana go, you could see stuff like what happened in Ohio and Texas, where Republicans actually crossed lines to vote for Hillary in the primaries now that McCain has locked up the GOP race.

WM: Yeah, that could complicate things!

FF: Any numbers,Monkey?

WM: Nah. There's a little money floating on how much Obama will lose in PA by, but the spread is ridiculous! Save your shekels. Shrillary will win Pennsylvania by at least ten points, probably more. As for the other races, too soon to call.

FF: Fair enough, to you later. Tell Gruppstein and Baby Monkey I said hello.

WM: See ya, FF. Smell ya later, primates!

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