Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Creepy Liars....

" Liar!! Creepy liar...!" - Donkey operative Larry O'Donnell, out of control on CNN in 2004

Ho-o-kay...so it's official.

Both Hillary and Obama are incapable of telling the truth about a whole lot.

Ain't that news?

In Lady Macbeth's case, yet another whopper has turned up to be added to the Clinton tally.It turns out she 'misspoke' about descending in Bosnia amidst sniper fire. Someone actually dug up a tape of the little greeting ceremony she attended, complete with yer standard little girl reciting yer standard little poem....and nobody running for cover.

Of course, with the Chosen One, we have his early dissembling about his Muslim background, his constant lame explanations of what he really meant when he gets caught making ridiculous statements, his connections to criminal slumlord Tony Rezko, and of course, Trinity Church and Rev Wright, whose racism and bigotry he wanted us to believe he somehow missed while attending the church for two decades and having Wright as his spiritual mentor and campaign adviser.

All politicians lie, that's a given. No less a student of government than Plato believed that only the heads of state should be allowed to lie, but strictly in performance of their duties in service to the State - not to enhance or advance themselves. The author of Da Republicca certainly didn't have the sort of lame gibberish in mind that dribbles ceaselessly from the likes of Hillary and Obama...and to add to mix, not only are they outrageous liars, but they're not even particularly good or smart about it.

Here in our Beloved Republic,we've done pretty well with our rather unique two party system, and I'm rather fond of it. But when one of those parties appears to have gone
irredeemably insane and irresponsible at least when it comes to its presidential front runners, when it consistently can't come up with people who are at least minimally competent....well,it's becoming embarrassing.


Anonymous said...

now ff, remeber our little talk.
this is what america wants. nothing else matters. this is where america is right now. the reason hussein is so popular right now is because he is so far left. perhaps you've been listening to monkey boy for too long.

If he wasn't Weekend Monkey,he'd have his own show on cable right now.

So show the little guy some respect....OK?


Fritz J. said...

Not just embarrassing, but discouraging. When two such incompetents can attract as many supporters and Sens Obama and Clinton have, I consider that discouraging.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Guys,

Louie , In my heart of hearts,I don't think the majority of the American people will elect either Obama or Lady Macbeth.

Part of living in a democracy involves trusting your fellow citizens to do the right thing - at least most of the time.

And as far as Weekend Monkey goes, might I remind you of his track record? He won a bunch of bannas on the Super Bowl. He predicted the results of the `06 midterms,senate and house correctly. And he's picked the winner, and in most cases the winning percentages correctly in every primary both Dem and Republican...the only one he missed was Rhode Island,which went for Hillary instead of Obama like he said it would.

And he did it the old fashioned way, without a lot of fancy pollsters...by sniffing the wind and using his own uncanny analysis.

Monkey,in short,has more political savvy in his tail than most of the fancy pundits in the dino media combined, and he's proved it.

And you have to admit...he'd make a much more impressive Democrat nominee than either of the front runners.

Fritz, You hit the nail on the head. Today's Dems remind me of the Whigs, just before they splintered over the slavery issue.

All Best,

Anonymous said...

i haven't done this in a while so i figured why not?
another of LL off topic comments.
at this site is the video clips of the heiress apparent getting asked the lewinsky question. that is not the point of this off topic question. the point of this off topic comment is the second video, showing the interview with two students at butler university. after that interview, harry smith goes to sally quinn. this is the point of the off topic comment. during madame quinn's comments she goes off on the issue that no where else does the press bow to the demands of those in the news like they do with chelsea.
every da-n time CAIR tells the media to grab their ankles guess what happens?
CAIR gets another piece of tail.
and the reason the media are a bunch of pus****** is because they know the people will chop off the head of one of their colleagues(sp) or burn down their house or some other action by the religion of peace.
the media are a bunch of, pick a word that is offensive to a particular group, any group, and insert it here.

so ff how'd i do.
said all that and didn't use any of the words you know i wanted to?
how was that?

Freedom Fighter said...

Not bad...