Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Battle Of Basra

While the dino media is busy chronicling the 4,000th US Iraq death, our warriors and their Iraqi allies are making the real news and wiping the floor with the jihadis.

The new front is the southern port of Basra.

As you might recall, our British allies were supposed to secure things here but retreated precipitously instead, leaving the valuable oil port in the hands of various Iran backed Shi'te militias, most notably Moqtada al-Sadr's Mahdi Army.

Unwilling to cede this area to Mookie and his pals, the Iraqis and the Americans have gone after the Mahdi Army with a vengeance, not only inBasra but in Mookie's strongholds in the Shi'ite parts of Baghdad and the towns of Hilla, Kut and Diwaniya in the south.

Dozens have already been killed, and Maliki is inBasra personally to supervise the campaign, giving Mookie and his boys an ultimatum of 72 hours to surrender and lay down their arms or be annihilated.

While both the Iraqis and the Americans are careful to say that this is just a `cleanup' rather than a war against the Mahdi Army, the fact is that that the operations have been directed against them and the battles have mostly been between the Mahdi Army and their allies andthe Iraqi Army and the Americans.

Iraq isn't secured yet by a long shot, but I could never have imagined a scenario a year ago where the Iraqi Army would be attacking the Mahdi Army and fighting them effectively,

That's the real news out of spite of what the dinosaur media would have you believe.

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