Thursday, June 05, 2008

Another Haditha Marine Acquitted

Ist Lieutenant Andrew Grayson was cleared of all charges.

That makes six out of eight. I hope every one of them sues John Murtha and TIME for libel.

The two defendants left are Staff Sergeant Frank Wuterich and Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Chessani, the battalion commander.

The military judge at Wuterich's preliminary hearing has already written that he doubts a conviction is possible because of lack of forensic evidence and unreliable statements by say the least.

Chessani, who was on his third tour in Iraq, is chiefly being charged as a scapegoat. Even though he provided information about what happened at Haditha to his superiors, the prosecutor's angle is that he should have been quicker and more complete about the incident.

They will likely both walk, although Chessani may get some admin charges as a sop to the Marine brass.

This was a travesty of justice from the beginning, and these brave men had no business being second-guessed in combat by a Leftard Congressman and the dinosaur media.


Anonymous said...

The military judge at Wurtha's preliminary hearing

that would be wuterich...

Freedom Fighter said...


Thanks for catching that one, Louie.Shows you're paying attention...