Friday, June 13, 2008

The Irish Have Spoken...And The Answer Is No!

The EUSSR freight train suffered a derailment yesterday as the Irish people voted not to ratify the Lisbon Treaty,the sequel to the infamous EU constitution that was vetoed last year by Dutch and French voters.

This year, the Eurocrats weren't taking chances with anything like popular referendums. After clandestinely writing up the Lisbon Treaty, they began implementing it by shoving it through various parliaments rather than actually leaving it up to the will of the people...except in Ireland,where the Irish Constitution mandates a popular vote on anything that might alter it.

One of the more amusing stories concerned Irish bookmaker, Paddy Power, who paid out £80,000 on “Yes” bets based on the media driven exit polls until reality hit them in the face.

In this case, where “no” was the politically incorrect choice, the local dinosaur media was obviously shilling for that result, and the exit polls were skewed. We had a similar problem in 2004, and I predict it will be much worse this November.

Amazing to me that an honest bookie would believe the dishonest hacks that work for the dinosaur media and actually pay up based on their drivel!

In terms of the EU takeover of Europe's sovereign nations, this is heartening, but only a breather. What the Eurocrats will do is to speed up shoving through parliamentary ratifications before anyone else gets any bright ideas about actually voting, and perhaps offer the Irish a special deal to get them to go along with the program. Or they may simply come back next year again and keep working at it until the Irish vote 'correctly.' sooner do we get rid of one 'Evil Empire' but another one pops up in its place.

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