Friday, June 13, 2008

'Harmless' USF Student Pleads Guilty on Terrorism Charges

Youseff Megahed ( foreground) and Ahmed Mohamed (background)

Do any of you remember those two fun lovin' jihadis who were caught with a trunk full of suspicious items right near the Goose Creek Naval base in South Carolina, a nuclear facility? The two USF students CAIR claimed were just some innocent college guys with firecrackers in the back of the car? The ones who were later linked with Islamic Jihad's man in America, Sami Al-Arian?

Well,their trial's been held and today Youseff Mohamed entered a plea agreement admitting guilt on charges on terrorism. His plea agreement calls for sentencing of up to fifteen years in prison and a $250,000 fine,plus three years supervised release after serving his term. In exchange six other counts were dropped.

The other wanna-be jihadi, Youseff Megahed is awaiting sentence. He was released to his parent's custody on a $200,000 bail and is essentially under house arrest,allowed to leave only to attend religious services (!) or to meet with his attorneys.

Considering that the Feds found the materials for making pipe bombs in the trunk of their car and confiscated a laptop with a history of web searches on Jihadist martyrdom, Hamas and Qassam rockets and video instructions for turning a remote-control car into a detonator..well, there wasn't too much to be said. Not that CAIR didn't try.

Apparently Megahed is unfortunately a permanent legal resident of the US originally from Egypt. While he's described as a full-time student, he's been enrolled at the University of South Florida since 2004 without declaring a major and was registered for a paltry three hours of classes for the fall 2007 term.

Mohamed is a civil engineering grad student at USF from Kuwait and has been enrolled there since January of this year...with his legal status in the US `undetermined'. Anyone want to bet he overstayed his visa?

hat tip to Doug Ross

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