Friday, June 13, 2008

watcher's council Results, 6/13/08

The Council has spoken! A complete list of results can be found at the site of our fearless leader, the infamous Watcher of Weasels

As befits a Friday the Thirteenth, we had a three way tie in the council category which will give you an idea of how good all of the entries were. As per the arcane bylaws of our group, the Watcher broke the tie and picked my piece on the lock step relationship between Islam and tribalism that prevents it from modernizing,The Chicken or the Egg? as this week's winner. Thanks, y'all.

There were two equally good pieces that ended up tied for second, Dear Pakistan by Wolf Howling, a witty open letter in response to Pakistan's sending a high level delegation to the EU to complain about how the West picks on poor lil' Islam and For Once, It Really Is About the Children by Bookworm Room, a great piece examining the nature of marriage and family.

Also getting votes were Caring Is Not Enough at The Glittering Eye, The Global Warming Cult by The Razor, and I'm a Fuel, Fuel, Fuel for You by Soccer Dad.

In the non-Council category, the winner was What Kind of War Crimes Trials Does Obama Plan? (Updated) at American Thinker, a scary piece on Obama's proposed political purge trials if he's elected.

In second place narrowly was my nominee, Wake Up and Smell the Soup!by Brit author Melanie Phillips,who had a few things to say about the stupidity of those Jews hopping on the Obama band wagon.

Hearty congratulations not only to the winners, but to all the entrants.

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