Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bush , Condi And The UN Combine To Screw Israel One More Time

Not content with almost the entire Middle East being a Jew-free zone, the UN, with the connivance of the US and Russia have come out with a resolution designed to try to kick the Jews out of what's left.

The UN Security Council approved a resolution Tuesday that essentially endorsed the Saudi 'peace' ultimatum, called for a second Arab Palestinian state and attempted to cement that stance in stone. The vote was 14 to 0, with Libya abstaining because the resolution insufficiently condemned Israel.

Resolution 1850 notes positively the Annapolis gang rape of Israel, embraces the 'land for peace' formula and calls for 'irreversible progress' towards it goal where `two democratic States, Israel and Palestine, live side by side in peace within secure and recognized borders.'

Of course, no one at the UN would ever dare suggest that the Arabs give up so much as a square dunam of the vast lands they possess for a Palestinian state...even though they caused the refugee situation in the first place by attacking Israel in 1948, in violation of the UN charter.

It further calls for "that lasting peace can only be based on an enduring commitment to mutual recognition, freedom from violence, incitement, and terror, and the two-State solution, building upon previous agreements and obligations..."

Let's translate this from NewSpeak into plain English.

As far as violence, incitement and terrorist attacks go, the Palestinians have never stopped them since Oslo, and aren't going to stop them now. As recently as a month ago, Arafat II Abbas was saying that if the Palestinians didn't get absolutely everything they want, he was going to order a new jihad on Israel's civilians, with all those US arms Israeli Prime minister Olmert allowed the Bush Administration to supply Fatah with. And it's hardly the first time.

And for the Palestinian's attitude on incitement, all one needs to do is look at those famous Fatah summer camps that teach young children to hate and kill Jews, listen to the Fatah run media or look at what's being taught in Fatah's classrooms, with their maps of 'Palestine' that omit Israel. They have absolutely no intention of accepting Israel as a Jewish state, and they've made that crystal clear, ever since Arafat went on Jordanian TV after signing Oslo and famously said that either the Jews would push them into the sea or they would push the Jews into the sea.

In fact the Palestinians,like the other Arab states have made it clear that unless they get absolutely everything they want, there's no deal.

What they want is this, and it's not subject to negotiation; the Israelis give up all of Judea and Samaria (the West Bank), including land legally purchased from the Arabs via the Jewish National Fund. The Israelis also give up half of Jerusalem, which means that Jews will be denied access to their holiest sites and will have to watch their religious shrines desecrated by the triumphant Arabs, just as they were prior to 1967.

Then, having made thousands of their own citizens homeless, given up half of their capitol and having retreated to indefensible borders, Israel allows itself to be flooded by thousands of genocidal Arab `refugees' and their descendants.In exchange for committing what amounts to national suicide, the Jews of Israel get nothing but an ill-defined guarantee of `recognition' and peace from the Arabs.

That 'recognition' will last for as long as a truncated weakenedIsrael manages to survive, and the `peace' will be the peace of the cemetery.That's the choice the Arabs are giving Israel, and that's what the UN just endorsed, with the willing help of George W. Bush and Condi Rice.

And, I might add, the willing help of Israeli quislings Ehud Olmert and Tzipi Livni, both of whom welcomed the resolution.

In truth, there's not a whole lot they could have done practically anyway once Condi and Russian foreign minister Serge Lavrov got together in a back room and cooked this up. Like the Roadmap, the current Resolution was concocted with a great deal of Arab participation, but without any input from a Jew or an Israeli. Israel is the only UN member prohibited from being on the Security Council, even in one of the rotating seats.

But to welcome it?

The only saving grace of this foul sellout is that it's not a binding resolution, so a new Israeli government can toss this in the garbage where it belongs. But the message is quite clear. Israel is expendable, and they had better look for some new friends.

The question is...once the West accedes to giving the Arabs the Jews, who will be next?


Anonymous said...

I wish that the US would simply get out of the UN & force that farce back to the League Of Nations' old headquarters in Switzerland. What a waste of time & money.

Anonymous said...

The country Israel really needs to worry about is Russia not the United States. Russia supplies Israel with close to 80% of its oil. Without this source of oil Israel would need to find an alternative source very quickly. This would be exceeddingly difficult.

Israel can very easily say no to the United States. All the United States supplies Israel with is foreign aid. Israel should decline this foreign aid. Without this foreign aid the US loses what ever influence it has over Israel. American military weapons are aging and its forces have been worn down from the deploymnets in Iraq and Afghanistan. Militarily Israel can easily defeat the Americans. Also, America has a massive debt problem. America is a joke that Israel can easily laugh off and ignore.

Russia has upgraded its military in recent years and it enjoys close ties with Israel's Arab and Iranian enemies. Also, Russia supplies Israel with a large percentage of its oil. Russia is a huge threat to Israel. The United States is not a threat to Israel.

At least the Israeli government can toss this agreement into the garbage. Even if the UN resolution were binding, America is incapable of enforcing it. Would the Russians try to? Perhaps, perhaps not. What does seem clear is Israel should pay close attention to Russia in the coming years. America is not a threat even if it wanted to be. Ir is no match for Israel nor could it hope to be in the forseabble future.

Kafir Harby said...

The arabs that call themselves Palestinians already have a home country, and it is called Jordan. They even have a king who can provide more than these criminals of Hamas and lizards of the PA. Let's stop calling them Palestinians, but West-Jordanians. That said, it should be clear to all Arabs that if they attack Israel, and Israel strikes back and occupies their land in doing so, this land will from now on never again be returned to the Arab agressor.