Monday, December 08, 2008

Supreme Court Won't Review Obama's Citizenship Status

Well, c'mon, did you really expect them to? I didn't. Can you imagine the firestorm if Obama was suddenly discovered to be ineligible to serve?

Essentially, the SCOTUS used the argument of `standing' to dispose of the wackier of the pending suits, the one by Leo Donofrio. (Notice how they refer to Factcheck as 'non-partisan' !)

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, 'standing' is a legalism that says that a plaintiff must be particularly and specifically affected by the case. Apparently that now applies to everyone in America.

There are other suits pending. One of them is by Democrat Phillip Berg, formerly the deputy attorney general of Pennsylvania and hardly a nutbag. His case was stalled utilizing the argument against standing as well.Another is by Cort and Susan Wrotnoski, which has just gone into docket.

But the third suit involves Alan Keyes, who ran as a third party candidate, and it's going to be tough for the SCOTUS to use the 'standing' argument against him...not that they won't anyway.The Donofrio case will be used as precedent to deny a hearing for the others.

There are only two major Constitutional requirements for President - you have to be at least thirty-five years of age and you must be a natural-born US citizen. Everything else is superfluous as far as our Constitution goes. And there's no particular reason for Barry to avoid producing his certificate of live birth ( which, by the way is a different document than a birth certificate)unless there's something there he'd rather we didn't see.

Here's what we do know...we know his mother flew to Kenya when she was already pregnant with Obama. We know that two of Obama's Kenyan relatives went public with the fact that they witnessed Obama's birth in Kenya, and that afterwards they withdrew very quickly from any media contact. We know that Obama's mother stayed in Kenya for several months, but decided she didn't like the way Kenyan Muslims treated their wives and which time she was very pregnant, and most airlines won't allow a women in that condition to board the plane.

We also know that a certificate of live birth merely attests to the fact that a child was born, and can be filed after the fact. And that there are two separate Hawaiian hospitals claimed as Obama's birthplace.

Not only that, but there's also the separate issue of Obama's Indonesian citizenship. When he was living with his mother's second Muslim husband Lolo in Indonesia, Lolo had him registered in school as an Indonesian citizen and a a time when you had to be an Indonesian citizen to use the public schools. Did Obama ever renounce his Indonesian citizenship as required by law?

My guess? Based on his behavior, I'd say the chances of Obama being a natural born US citizen are roughly only 50-50.

Not that it matters..apparently we're at the point of picking which parts of the Constitution we're going to enforce.

Besides, can you imagine President Biden??? Yeesh!


Anonymous said...

We've been had. It's simple as that.

Anonymous said...

You people are not so much crazy as incapable of reconciling the fact that a black man was elected president by a vast majority of the voting public and, according to Hawaiian officials, is a natural born U.S. citizen. Keep up the nutty rhetoric and make this false controversy a centerpiece of the GOP platform, and republicans will be banished to the dustbin of history.

Freedom Fighter said...

Ah yes, all means, trot out the race card without knowing anything about me.You only make yourself even more ridiculous.

The opposition to Obama is based on his demonstrated incompetence, malfeasance and failure, not his race. And in point of fact, though I didn't support his candidacy, I was open-minded about giving him a fair chance.

I personally think the people who are working this angle are wasting time and energy, for the reasons I wrote about above.

But please, now that you've gotten the usual ad hominum attacks out of the way, please answer the following:

1) If Obama is totally on the up and up, why won't he simply produce his long form birth certificate and make fools out of those that are questioning his citizenship? And why has he spent countless man hours and thousands of dollars to seal all of his personal records and thwart any investigation into this?

2)Has he ever formally renounced his Indonesian citizenship? Rahm Emanuel ( whom I'm hardly a fan of) had dual citizenship and renounced his at the age of 18.

3)Why are there two separate Hawaiian hospitals that originally claimed to be Obama's birthplace?

4) As US army colonel recently refused to be deployed to Afghanistan and follow Obama's orders unless he saw proof Obama was a natural born citizen of the US, thus Constitutionally legal POTUS and thus legally commander in chief.

Instead of slapping him into the stockade for insubordination, the Army hurriedly changed his orders and dropped the matter. Why?

I can't wait to hear your answers.