Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year From JoshuaPundit!!

FF: Howdy Weekend Monkey...long time no talk to!

WM: Hey FF, Happy New Year to you and the Primates!

FF: Where are you, anyway?

WM: I'm chilling with some friends o' mine over by Columbia.I just did a personal appearance there last night and stayed over.

FF: Still hocking the tee-shorts and coffee cups, I see! Are you hanging with some of your old pals from the Weekend Monkey for President days?

WM: Uh-huh.

FF: I thought it sounded noisy.

WM: Beibersnatch is here, you wanna say hi?

FF: Ummm no, not really.

WM: Pretty cheeky New Year's logo, FF...what gives?

FF: Well, you know what they say, Monkey..the end is near.

WM: Oh, hah think of that all by yourself?

FF: You planning to hit Time's Square tonight?

WM: Not if I can help's gonna be cold enough to freeze your equipment right off, if you know what I mean.

FF: In your case, they'd call it microsurgery I think!

WM: Geez, you're in a mood....what happened, you invest some money with a Trusted Wall Street Adviser or something?

FF: Ahh ha ha ha ha!

WM: Hee hee hee hee hee!

FF: Whew! Y'know, but seriously, a lot of charities got hit by Madoff and his little Ponzi scheme...

WM: Yeah, I heard..but the way I figure, Madoff was just pulling something the US government's been doing for years. And the main reason he got popped is because he couldn't turn on the presses to make more money.

FF: You get no argument from me there, Monkey. Speaking of which...underneath all the partying, do you get a sense that people are in a foul mood?

WM: Absolutely. They see what's coming, especially with Obama. I mean, it really hits people to be worried about losing their jobs and making ends meet while Congress is giving itself a fat raise and throwing checks around to bail out corporate America like there's no limit.

FF: Monkey,you should have been a Republican.

WM: Don't insult me.

FF:I just meant that with your views, you could of beaten John McCain easy and been the nominee...AND run with Sarah Palin under you as VP.

WM: Hee hee! I like the sound of that position!

FF: I'll bet you do,but give your mind a bath if it's possible. I just meant that I think your populist views were a lot more of a winner than McCain's.

WM: Hey, I think the ReThugs figured it was their year to lose, so why not McCain? Though I gotta admit I never figured the media would let Obama Yo' Mama get away with half the @#$! he did.

FF: That's president elect Obama Yo' Mama to you, Monkey. And if I were you, I'd keep a low profile with the insults...remember when he threatened to have his security thugs beat you to a halal pulp?

WM: Eh, I figure that was just campaign rhetoric. At least Bush is history, and good riddance.

FF: Seriously Monkey, if I were you I'd start a little lower on the food chain,run for congress or the senate...

WM: Hee hee,yeah...I could rub elbows with highly qualified public servants like Caroline Kennedy and Al Franken! You going out tonight?

FF: No...staying in. I've got plenty of joy juice here at home and I feel like just quietly drinking the New year in.

WM: OK bro...anyway, Happy New Year, FF

FF: Happy New Year, Monkey.By the way, I understand you're going to have a new article for me soon,provided you're sober and not incarcerated. And I think you should start the Real Banana column again..there's politics aplenty these days.

WM: You got that right! And yeah, look for my new thing just after the New Year.

FF: Another interview with OJ?

WM: Nah...but it's not a bad idea! Happy New Year, Primates !!

FF: Happy 2009, everyone...and all the best to Joshua's Army!

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