Thursday, December 11, 2008

Feeding The Enemy

Ehud Barak, Israel's so -called defense minister has an interesting idea of how to deal with Israel's genocidal enemies just over the border in Gaza.

Instead of actually taking real steps to forcefully deal with rocket and mortar attacks by Hamas on Israel, Barak decided to nurture them and send a very different kind of message.

The Hamas regime had a little problem..not only with cash flow, but with having actual cash physically on hand to keep their foul regime going.

Soooo..what does Israel's defense minister do? He allows the transfer of 100 million shekels to Gaza to transit Israel on Thursday to ease Hamas' cash shortage and keep them alive. The source of the money was Fatah financial institutions in the West Bank...and of course, the EU and US taxpayers, where the money originated.

And Hamas doesn't have to do a damn thing to get the money.They don't have to release Gilad Shalit. They don't have to cease the rocket and mortar attacks against Sderot, Ashkelon and the rest of southern Israel. They don't even have to say thank you.

To their credit, a number of Israeli lawmakers pointed out what a suicidal and ridiculous thing this was to do, and a group of Israelis who have had family members killed and injured in the attacks wrote Barak a joint letter but he could apparently care less. According to a statement released by the defense ministry, Ehud Barak decided to go along with this after a personal appeal by Abbas' assistant, Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salaam Fayad.

So thanks to Ehud Barak, who made this decision on his own, Hamas is back in business.

I have to wonder about his motivations. Is he really that stupid? Was he bribed or did he get a commission on the money? Or does the PA have something on him - knowledge about crooked deals he was involved in ala' Olmert perhaps?

None of the three would surprise me.

Israel's current government uses its army to throw Jews out of their homes and facilitates its sworn enemies getting needed cash to kill even more Jews.

The founders of Israel would weep.

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Anonymous said...

Pure suicide. Not only the West in general, but even Israel in particular is sinking into the 'Slough Of Despond' in the modern PC fashion. This is a perfect example of why I'm a complete pessimist. I just wish that all of those 1960s predictions re future permanent-population Moon colonies I heard so much about when I was young had come to fruition per 1960s predictions (by now we were supposed to have had regular charter flights to the Moon)-- I really want to get off this planet really badly!