Monday, December 01, 2008

Sarah Palin In Georgia

As you may know, the Democrats forced incumbent Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss into a run off election for the seat, and the DNC has been pouring millions of dollars and hundreds of out-of-state operatives into Georgia to try and take it.

I'm pleased to note that Governor Sarah Palin is marching through Georgia on behalf of Chambliss and has been drawing huge crowds and raising money on his behalf...and Chambliss is now ahead in the polls.

This is important because of the battle for the seat, but it's also important because it proves that the dinosaur media and the sniping of a bunch of disgruntled McCain staffers hasn't diminished her appeal. And also because this is exactly how Ronald Reagan laid the groundwork for his landslide victory in 1980.

You go Sarah!


CJ said...

Not too surprising, really... before Palin became a Republican, Palin palled around with the AIP, which is a front for the largely racist Constitution Party. I'm not saying that PALIN herself is necessarily a racist, mind, but she obviously doesn't mind supporting them politically.

Freedom Fighter said...

Cynthia, Cynthia, I'm surprised at you,repeating this lame garbage. You're normally sharper than that.

Sarah Palin no more `palled around' with the Alaska Independence Party than she did with any other group of citizens in her constituency in Alaska. That's what governers do,particularly in small states like Alaska where people tend to know each other.

She's a REPUBLICAN, and has always been one.

That said, the links of the AIP to the Constitution Party are tenuous at best and mainly consist of certain common positions on some issues. Calling the AIP or the Constitution Party 'racist' is a mighty far stretch frankly, although I certainly don't agree with the Constitution Party on a number of issues.

If you want to point the finger at a racist third party, you be on much firmer ground with the Greens,who nominated Jew hater Cynthia McKinney as their presidential candidate.

You remember her, right?


Anonymous said...

The Constitution Party is not racist in any way shape or form. As for the AIP, I don't know much about them. Its going to be much better to critcize the Constitution Party on the grounds of specific issues rather than leveling untrue charges of "racism" in their direction. This type of slander is done to demonize an opponent and squelch debate.

knowitall said...

The liberal illuminati and media can not stand the fact that people in America love her. She's a public figure, and they need to deal with it.