Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Murder In Jerusalem...And What To Do About It

Last night, A three-month-old baby was murdered and at least seven pedestrians in Jerusalem after a terrorist attack as an Arab driver deliberately drove his car into a crowd of people waiting at a Light Rail station close to the National Police headquarters.


The baby, Chayah Zissel Bron (HY"D) was an American citizen.

The killer has been identified as Abdelrahman al-Shaludi, who previously served time in jail for terrorist activities ( he was the nephew of Mohiyedine Sharif, Hamas's former chief bomb maker) and has been identified by Israeli government spokesman Ofir Gendelman as a member of Hamas. He was shot by police as he attempted to flee and later died in the hospital. He had bragged for months on social media that he wished to murder Jews.

Needless to say, both Hamas and 'moderate' Fatah made him into a hero.

A poster honoring Abdel Rahman Al-Shaludi issued by Fatah, October 23, 2014 (photo credit: Fatah Facebook page)

They published this poster honoring him. "The Silwan branch of Fatah honors the heroic martyr Abdel Rahman Al-Shaludi, who executed the Jerusalem operation which led to the running over of settlers in the occupied city of Jerusalem,” read the notice, posted on Fatah’s official Facebook page.

Both Hamas  and Islamic Jihad also praised the attack, with Hamas spokesman Mushir al-Masri, a senior Hamas spokesperson saying, “The attack in Jerusalem is an act of heroism and a natural response to the crimes of the occupation against our people and our holy places.”

Yes that is exactly how they look at it. Al-Shaludi's family also received a financial award from Fatah. Yes, the murderer of an American citizen received blood money paid for by your tax dollars.

He was reportedly a resident of Silwan. I'd love to know why this cockroach was free and living in Jerusalem.Was he one of the terrorists freed from custody as a 'gesture' to Abbas? Or perhaps as part of the Shalit deal?

Nor was that the only violence in Jerusalem today. There was sporadic rioting in the Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem, and a Jewish kindergarten in East Jerusalem in the Ma’ale Hazeitim neighborhood on the Mount of Olives was pelted this morning by stones thrown at the children in their playground.

And attacks on the light rail continued, with Arab residents of the city hurling rocks and damaging two train cars in Shuafat.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blamed Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas for the continued attacks in Jerusalem, saying Abbas was inciting violence against Jews in the city.

"This is how [PA President Abbas's] partners in government act, the same Abbas who just a few days ago incited attacks on Jews in Jerusalem,” Netanyahu said in a statement. Abbas has called for the Arabs whom identify themselves as Palestinians to 'resist the settlers' by any means necessary.

Of course Abbas is responsible. As I revealed previously, this intifadah, these attacks on Jews in Jerusalem and elsewhere were  planned at least a year ago, just like the last intifadah was by Arafat. Abbas and Hamas/Fatah were simply waiting for a good opportunity to unleash it. But Netanyahu is wrong here. The real blame lies with him and the Israeli government, who have put up with this nonsense for months.

It is the Arabs whom ethnically cleansed every Jews from their part of Jerusalem when they invaded the city in 1948. It is the Arabs who refused Jews access to their holy sites, who vandalized Jewish cemeteries, who destroyed 28 historic synagogues in the city and used the Western Wall as a garbage dump.It is the Israelis who offered to put that behind them, to share Jerusalem, share the Temple Mount and live in peace after reuniting the city in 1967. It is Israel who allowed the al-Aksa mosque to remain open.

It is time the Israeli government realized that this policy of reconciliation is a failure.For too many of the Arab residents of Jerusalem, sharing is simply not in their vocabulary.

Especially egregious to me was the reaction of America's State Department. “We express our deepest condolences to the family of the baby, reportedly an American citizen, who was killed in this despicable attack,” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said in a statement.

“We urge all sides to maintain calm and avoid escalating tensions in the wake of this incident.”

All sides? So according to our State Department, Israel and the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians are equally to blame?And it's merely an 'incident' not a terrorist attack?

Maintain calm? Avoid escalating tension? Who is escalating the tension? Is it Israeli Jews murdering U.S. citizens in Jerusalem? What if it was your child, Ms. Psaki? Would you still call for restraint?

And if it was such a despicable attack, why is the U.S. government still funding Hamas/Fatah? And pressuring Israel for more and more concessions to the sort of people whom think this kind of attack is a heroic and even a holy thing?

Just compare the U.S. State Department's reaction with that of Australian Ambassador to Israel Dave Sharma who posted this message on Twitter:

“Shocked by terrorist attack in Jerusalem + condemn unreservedly,” Sharma wrote. “Esp saddened by death of 3-month-old baby girl. Deep condolences to family.”

He wasn't afraid to use the 'T' word, you'll notice. And there's no language in his message implying that Israel is equally to blame for this atrocity.

All that aside, what really counts now is Israel's reaction.

Netanyahu has said he plans to reinforce the police units in Jerusalem, and come up with new plans formulated to deal with riots.Well and good, but it isn't going to solve the problem.Israel needs to provide natural consequences for the violence that matters to the perpetrators, and frankly, a stint in the comfortable Israeli jails with three square meals a day, status as a 'martyr' and a nifty salary from the Palestinian Authority as a reward for killing Jews doesn't qualify.

A far better punishment in many cases is simple loss of citizenship and/or expulsion to PA-run Area A. In fact, a whole new category of offenses with expulsion and loss of citizenship as the penalty need to be codified into Israeli law.

Stone throwing at cars or the light rail? When the perpetrators are caught, make them or their families pay in full for repairs, with expulsion to the PA-run Area A for a repeat offense. In any event, when there isn't money available to pay damages, deduct the cost of repairs from the tax monies Israel collects for the PA.And let the victims sue for damages in Israeli courts, again with the awards to be deducted from from the Palestinian Authority's tax monies.

Riots on the Temple Mount? Firecrackers, rocks and gas bombs thrown at Jews trying to pray peacefully? Explain to the Muslim Waqf that is in charge of the al-Aqsa Mosque that the very next time it happens, not only will the police respond in force but the Waqf's control of al-Aqsa and the Mount will be ended, the members of the Waqf expelled from Israel and the mosque shut up, with no more services conducted.

Actual terrorist attacks like the one today? Ideally, I'd love to have Israel adopt capital punishment, but that's unlikely. Since Hamas and Fatah are now in bed together, aside from imprisoning the perpetrator, allow the victims to sue in Israeli courts and collect judgments from the tax monies Israel collects for the PA. And make the prison conditions a lot less luxurious, as an incentive for better behavior.

And build, build,  build. Right now, Netayahu's government is acting like half of Jerusalem actually belongs to Hamas/Fatah. Since something like 75% of Israel's Jews are opposed to any agreement that would re-divide Jerusalem, I would say that the consensus of the majority of Israelis is that Jerusalem belongs to Israel. Act like it.

For instance, some Jewish families recently purchased apartments legally in Silwan, a neighborhood in East Jerusalem that used to be thought of primarily as Arab but is now undergoing demographic changes. Some of the local Arab residents have responded by attempting to firebomb the Jew's homes.

I haven't heard of any arrests or punishments doled out to the perpetrators, but the least that should happen is heavy fines to repair any damage and a jail sentence...with expulsion to Area A for any repeat offenses.

You see, while some Arabs are willing to engage in what amounts to treasonous or illegal activities on behalf of Abbas and the PA, the idea of living under Abbas and company's derelict little kleptocracy horrifies them and every poll shows it. They like the social welfare benefits, the freedom and the employment and educational opportunities in Israel.

Losing Israeli citizenship or residence permits and being expelled to Area A or Gaza to live under Hamas/Fatah is a real life consequence that might modify their behavior. And in any event, it will separate those Arabs (and there are more than you might think) willing to be productive and peaceful citizens from those whom aren't.


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