Friday, October 24, 2014

Law Passed To Criminalize Any Criticism Of Immigration

No, I'm not kidding.

A new law has been passed that will allow people to be criminally prosecuted for criticizing immigration policies or politicians that support them. It will come into effect in December, 2014.

it is designed to be a deterrent to anyone who criticizes the governments' policies towards immigration or amnesty and shut down all debate over the issue.This gross violation of freedom of speech has already been passed. But there is one small detail that mitigates this a bit.

This new law was passed in Sweden, not the United States. At least, not yet.

Sweden's new Left wing coalition government was elected by a narrow margin and lost no time in pushing through something designed to keep them in power permanently with votes from Muslim immigrants, no matter what it does to the country.And now, they have the power to use the police power of the state to silence anyone who dissents.

Andreas Norlen, a member of Sweden's parliament was a prime mover behind getting this new law passed.

"I do not think it takes many prosecutions before a signal is transmitted in the community that the Internet is not a lawless country and the sheriff is back in town."

Spoken like a true progfascist.Anyone who doesn't keep his mouth shut while Sweden becomes a very different country is headed for jail.

Here's why this matters.

We will almost certainly be faced with a similar attempt by President Obama to implement amnesty by executive order after the midterms. There will be absolutely no chance of reversing this unless the Republicans take the Senate.

There are a great many people who basically could care less whether this happens and aren't planning to vote in the midterms. believe me, I understand that attitude completely, seeing how the party elites have essentially made war on the GOP's base. But this is too important.

The Democrats view amnesty as their chance to change the electorate and the country forever, an if that happens we could very well see a law like Sweden's passed as the Democrats take over congress with the help of their new 'voters'.

I hear what you're saying - the GOP establishment has largely been compliant and bent over for Big Business and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in backing 'immigration reform.' But at least with a Republican House and Senate, there's a chance of stopping this or at least mitigating it to the point where it's semi-manageable. With Democrats in control of either house, there isn't.

It really is that simple. Vote, dammit!

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