Monday, October 20, 2014

Results Of Investigation Of Bowe Bergdahl Desertion Held Until After the Election

Remember Bowe Bergdahl, U.S. soldier who allegedly wandered away from his post, was captured by the Taliban and was swapped for five top level Taliban commanders? The one who was greeted as a hero by President Obama even after he went public with his profoundly anti-American views and left a letter stating that he was deserting and that he was renouncing his citizenship?

 After every member of his platoon went on record saying that Bergdahl deserted, the Army announced that they were going to fully investigate the matter. AMong other things, there's the question of Bergdahl's promotion to Sergeant while in captivity , his restoral to active dity with full backpay and of course, President Obama's judgement in swapping him for five very dangerous Taliban commanders if in fact Berhdahl actually deserted.

The Army has now completed their investigation. But surprise, surprise...its findings are going to be withheld until after the November elections,if they're released at all.

The Army said on Friday that it had received Dahl's report and its 'reviewing it,' but it has no timeline for the completion of its audit.

'As we stressed at on the onset, this will be a lengthy process conducted in accordance with applicable laws, regulation and policy,' Army officials said in a statement.

'We recognize the importance of the media and the public understanding of our investigative process, and look forward to future discussions on this issue.

The statement went on to say that 'the Army's priority is ensuring that our process is thorough, factually accurate, impartial, and legally correct.'

'Consequently, at this time, it would be inappropriate to speculate on the potential results or the amount of time the review process will take to complete.'

Reuters says that Colonel Warren, the Pentagon's spokesperson, denied on Tuesday that the military was postponing the release of the report until after Election Day in order to give the president and his his political party cover from the potentially damning details of the probe.

But members of Bergdahl's unit say they don't understand why the Army's assessment is taking so long.

Bergdahl's former platoon leader, Sgt. Evan Buetow, has said on numerous occasions that after Bergdahl, then a private in the army, went missing, soldiers in his unit learned from locals they were observing over the radio that an American was wandering around town, looking for someone who spoke English so that he could communicate with the Taliban.

'We've come out when he first got released, and we explained exactly what happened. He deserted his post, all on his own, and we're now still sitting here waiting for answers,' Buetow told Fox News host Sean Hannity on Tuesday evening.

Buetow said he was interviewed Gen. Dahl and had a 'lengthy' conversation with him about the details of Bergdahl's disappearance, including the chatter the platoon heard over the radio.

'I have a list of the people that the general spoke to during this investigation,' Buetow told Hannity. 'It's everyone from the platoon, and I know exactly what they said.

'There's no way that they can conclude this investigation without the truth.'

The truth, Buetow said, is that Bergdahl deserted.

'There's not one person [from his platoon] who disagrees,' Buetow said.

Another former platoon mate of Bergdahl's, Sgt. Jordan Vaughn, said Wednesday on Fox and Friends that he's also suspicious of delay, given that the military had 'five years to investigate this, talk to everyone who was there, who was involved, talk to the family, check the emails, look at the facts.'

Six men died hunting for Bowe Bergdahl in Afghanistan.

It's obvious why the administration wants this held over until after November 4th. If it comes out that the Obama White House five major Taliban commanders with American blood on their hands for one U.S. deserter and, as has been reported, steamrollered over the objections the military had on the deal just to get a few more detainees out of Gitmo, the outcry would be enormous.Especially since the president broke the law to do so.

Additionally, if the Army actually did investigate Bergdahl's conduct and what his former platoon mates charged him with doing, said On the other hand, he said, 'if it turns out that the Army got some backbone and really looked at what Bergdahl did and decides he should be charged with desertion, the farcical Rose Garden ceremony the president held with Bergdah's parents looks like even worse.

It's amazing how many things are being hidden until after the midterms...President Obama's plan for amnesty for illegal aliens by executive order, the real cost of ObamaCare premiums, and the results of the Army's investigation into Bowe Bergdahl's alleged desertion.

2015 is going to be an interesting year.


B.Poster said...

Actually the "amazing" part of this is that Mr. Obama is able to get such cooperation from all of the relevant government agencies and officials to run interference for him and cover these things up. If former POTUS Bush had tried such things or anyone else had tried these things for that matter, these various government officials would be running to every media microphone they could find to condemn this man.

"2015 is going to be an interesting year." I'm not sure what is going to be "interesting" about it. Since Democrats will maintain control of the Senate and even in the unlikely event they do not maintain control of the Senate, I simply no way that any of Mr. Obama's agenda that you list can be slowed down much less stopped. Essentially to save America is going to take a miracle on the level of the parting of the Red Sea that was carried out by G_d when he delivered the ancient Israelites from ancient Egypt. Hopefully I'm wrong about that as it seems problematic at best for a nation of whom a substantial portion of its citizenry has chosen to reject G_d and His teachings.

As such, I see nothing "interesting" about 2015. Added to all of this is the United States has quite foolishly chosen a "pivot" to Asia antagonizing China and in a case of stupidity on steroids has chosen to intricate itself into the Russian/Ukrainian conflict. Risking confrontation with the world's most powerful militaries is NOT a formula for success!!

I think it highly likely that Russia, China, both of them, or some combination of them with other allies will invade the United States in 2015 utterly destroying it. They can do so at anytime and there's nothing America can do to counter them should they choose to do so. At this point, it's only a matter of them picking the proper time at this point. Perhaps this can be averted if the US acts to extricate itself from the Russian/Ukrainian conflict by ANY and ALL means necessary as well as end to the pivot to Asia.

B.Poster said...

Another thing to expect perhaps even before 2015 is the overrunning of the US embassy in Baghdad by ISIS or some combination of these forces. Once ISIS begin its conquests with occurred with greater precision and speed than the US military is capable of on its best day, I stated publically and forcefully that the US needed to begin the process of abandoning its embassy in Baghdad taking any and all steps necessary to eliminate the structure and all aspects of it from Iraq. Now its likely to late to do this before the embassy gets overrun. When this happens, many national secrets mission critical to our national security will become exposed as well as we will suffer humiliation on a scale never experienced by a major power or former major power in the history of civilization. Essentially it will be Saigon on steroids.

Back in January 2008 I patiently explained to friends and family how stupid it was/is for America to build an embassy that is among the largest in the world that we would be forced to abandon. It gives me no pleasure now that I'm close to be proven right. Essentially the embassy can be taken at a time and place of ISIS choosing. There's nothing we can do to prevent it and I don't envision Iran or Russia intervening in this instance to help us.

Actually it has taken a bit longer for this to happen than I first envisioned. This is likely due in large part to the brilliant surge strategy implemented by General Petraeus that initially allowed America to escape Iraq with a face saving defeat. I see nothing "interesting" at all in store for 2015. I do hope and pray I'm wrong. If America changed its foreign and domestic policies to saner policies along the lines that I have discussed here and elsewhere before, now that would be an "interesting" change for the better!! G_d willing this will happen.