Friday, October 03, 2014

Sweden Recognizes 'Palestine' As A Sovereign State

One of the results of the recent Swedish election which put a Leftist minority government of Social Democrats and Greens in power is the recognition of 'Palestine'. Prime Minister Stefan Lofven announced the move today.

"The conflict between Israel  and Palestine can only be solved with a two-state solution, negotiated in accordance with international law," Swedish PM Stefan Lofven said during his inaugural address in parliament.

Sweden's new Prime Minister Stefan Lofven announces his new government in the Swedish Parliament in Stockholm Friday, Oct. 3, 2014. (photo credit: AP Photo/Jonas Ekstromer, TT News Agency)

"A two-state solution requires mutual recognition and a will to peaceful co-existence. Sweden will therefore recognize the state of Palestine."

So Sweden is going to recognize a  'country' with no recognized borders, ruled for the past decade by an unelected dictator and partnered up with Hamas, a genocidal terrorist group.

The former center-right coalition government did not recognize 'Palestine' for exactly those reasons.

This still needs to be voted on in Sweden's parliament.If the Leftist government pushes this through Sweden would be the first country to recognize 'Palestine' while being a member of the European Union.

The American response by State Department spokesperson  Jen Psaki called Sweden's action "premature"

 “We believe that the process is one that has to be worked out through the parties to agree on the terms of how they’ll live in the future of two states living side-by-side,” she said.

The U.S., Britain and Australia are on record as opposing the UN Resolution by 'Palestine' to impose a settlement.

The Swedish government's action is, of course, not really concerned with international law or even with peace or 'Palestine' as such. This is simply  a hit out as Israel.Does anyone really think Sweden would recognize a non-state like 'Palestine' if they weren't in conflict with the Jews?

The ironic thing is that, based on the news I hear coming out of Sweden almost every day,  the last thing the Swedes ought to be concerned about is 'Palestine' and empowering Islamists like Hamas. They'd be far better off concentrating on saving their own country, their quality of life, their culture  and their women and children from what appears to be a great many  of the Muslims they've imported.

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B.Poster said...

If part of the last paragraph is changed to read as follows it would be completely accurate. "...the last thing Americans ought to be concerned about is 'Palestine' and empowering Islamists like Hamas. they'd be far better off concentrating on saving their own country, their quality of life, their culture, and their women and children from the great many immigrants they've allowed to enter their country, in many cases illegally, whose cultures are incompatible to America's and any many cases wish to harm them."

While White House Spokeshole Josh Earnest claims the US funded the so called Iron Dome based upon something called "American values", the Iron Dome is crucial to our survival as Israel is the most important buffer between us and Islamic terrorists who are both wish to destroy us and are fully capable of doing so. without this buffer it becomes much more costly and much more difficult to defend America as well as for America to meet all of the ridiculous commitments it has that are frankly beyond the scope of this post.

Essentially both Israel and America would benefit from a change in the "special relationship." As I understand it, Israel is dependent upon America to supply the missiles used with the Iron Dome.

If so, this problematic on at least two levels. 1.)The American House of Representatives is subject to complete change every two years, Senators come up for election in staggered terms every six years, and POTUS is subject to change every years. What this means is America can change rapidly. While we would certainly hope and pray America would always be friendly to Israel, this is by no means guaranteed. Essentially it is unwise for any nation to make long range arrangements with a nation such as America and it is unwise for US leaders to make such long range commitments to other nations given these realities. 2.)Perhaps an even bigger problem is Russia and China. They are allied with Iran and Iran is vehemently opposed to Israel. The Russian and Chinese militaries can shut down all traffic into and out of the US anytime they choose to do so and the US is unable to counter it. As such, it would become impossible if the Russians and Chinese or one of them chose to make it so to get shipments of the missiles to Israel even if the US wished to do so!!

Essentially a policy of "benign neglect" to the Israeli/Arab conflict should be taken by the US. Perhaps we can make a difference at the margins but direct involvement is unwarranted. A good place to start would be to assist Israel in anyway that might be needed to become completely self sufficient with regards to the Iron Dome. This is good for both us and them in that a crucial ally would be better able to function in a time of crisis, I'm pretty sure Israel is working on just this with regards to the Iron Dome. If I can figure out these issues, I'm sure Israeli leaders can!!