Friday, October 31, 2014

Quote O' The Day

"Texas has been a conservative state since dinosaurs roamed it 6000 years ago...You poor bastards. Dems trying to turn Texas blue are like some straight guy in a bar hitting on a girl even though he knows she's a lesbian. 'Dude, I know I can flip her, I just need time.' " - Jon Stewart, last night on his Comedy Central show from of course, mostly Blue Austin
( known as 'Austin-tacious' to most Texans).

I have to admit that my own experience in that area with lesbians has apparently been a lot different that John Stewarts's, but he has a point.


louielouie said...

jon stewart has no point.
jon stewart is a dumm mass.
prior to 1990 texas was a solid democrat state.
anne richards?
jim wright?
jon stewart is a dumm mass.

B.Poster said...

I'm not sure what "point" Mr. Stewart has actually. I live in TX. In fact the area in which I reside is probably among the "reddest" of the "red" in the US.

With that having been throughout the state I can tell one who does not live in TX that the state is NOTHING like how Mr. Stewart conveys nor is the area in which I reside ANYTHING like the conveys it.

Sometimes it is quite comical to listen to people who know so little about real Texans try to analyze the state. Its a bit like foreigner who don't live in America trying to analyze America. In both cases they come up so wrong, it can be comical.

I suppose the "point" is Mr. Stewart reveals how uninformed he really is. Actually turning Texas 'blue" would not be that hard. America is politically a left of center nation. This is true of TX as well especially on social issues and the role that government should play.

Perhaps there is a silver lining to this man's idiocy as I think he probably speaks for the leaders of the Democrat party. If they think TX is unreachable, perhaps they will spend less effort, time, and money trying to complete the infection of us with their poisonous and deadly ideology!! (They've already infected us and the rest of the nation to a large degree. There's nowhere anyone can go and not be subjected to Democrat party talking point. If one wishes to avoid Conservative view points or RNC talking points which are usually at odds with conservative principles anyway all one has to do is not visit certain web sites and don't watch a certain tv channel.)