Friday, July 20, 2007

Palestinian Terrorists' Release - Rattlesnake Logic

Hey lady, don't complain because I bit knew I was a rattler when you picked me up

A big story today in all the usual outlets is Israel's release of 256 Palestinian terrorists convicted in Israeli courts as a `confidence building measure' pushed by the US to help bolster Fatah's Mahmoud Abbas.

It's one of the more sickening items I've seen lately, especially as al-Reuters,AP, Jihad TV ( al-Jazeerah)CNN and others are playing up the `human interest' angle on this, written up in lachrymose prose by their Palestinian reporters.

Here's a sample of the treacle, written by al-Reuters' Mohammed Assadi :

"Jamila Jaradat was afraid she might die before seeing her son, a Palestinian militant, released from the Israeli jail where he had spent nearly half his life.

She said she thought she was dreaming when she saw Mohannad, 38, walking towards her at President Mahmoud Abbas's compound in the West Bank city of Ramallah on Friday, with about 250 other Palestinians freed in an Israeli prisoner release.

"Oh my beloved. Am I dreaming?" the frail 64-year-old woman said as she hugged Mohannad, who wiped her tears and made her sit on a plastic chair under a makeshift tent.

Mohannad had served 18 years of his 20-year-sentence in an Israeli prison for planting bombs in Israel. He said none had caused fatalities.

Others also wept as they were reunited with families and friends. Women ululated and formed circles to dance in celebration after the prisoners arrived in buses."

No fatalities? Does that he mean he just maimed people? Or does it mean that he would have been perfectly happy to kill innocent people, but was too inept?

Abbas was in full Arafat mode, referring to these scum as "heroes of freedom" after they were bused to his compound in Ramallah.

"I thank God that we are honoured by the return of heroes of freedom to their home and the bosom of their homeland," Abbas said in an address to hundreds of people celebrating the prisoner release.

"You cannot imagine how happy we are that you came back to us," Abbas told a crowd of about 3,000 at the presidential compound. "But our happiness is missing something because we want all 11,000 prisoners to return to their families."

A civilized society wouldn't want people like this free in its midst, let alone make heroes out of them.

And when Palestinian children see people like this treated as heroes, along with what they hear every day in school, at the mosques and over the airwaves, what message do you think they pick up? `Two states living next to each other in peace'?

By the way, in case some of you think the graphic that opens this story is over the top, let me remind you of little 10 month old Shalhevet Pas, Z'l, targeted and deliberately murdered by a Palestinian sniper on March 26, 2001 in Hebron in her stroller.

The man who shot her, Fatah Tanzim operative Mahmud Muhammad Mahmud Amro admitted deliberately targeting her and killing her after he was arrested by the IDF. He's in Israeli custody as I write this, and is one of the 11,000 `heroes of freedom' Abbas wants released. And unfortunately, Amro is by no means unique.

If the Palestinians were really serious about peace, the last thing thay would want is murderers like this among them..let alone glorifying them and holding them up as models to be emulated. But of course, peace is not really the agenda. And this is just one more proof.

Just like the proverbial rattlesnake, expecting someone who was willing to set off a bomb in a pizza parlor or train an assault weapon on a ten month old child to change their basic nature is living in serious denial.

And that applies as well to anyone who expects a state that endorses people like these as `heroes' to be anything else but a murderous terrorist enclave - no matter how much money or land they're bribed with.

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