Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Pat's!!

Hopefully you celebrated starting Friday instead of today!

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Anonymous said...

happy st. pat's day to you ff.
and to all in joshua's army.
does monkey boy eat a bunch of green bananas?
and get sick.
i hope.
not being irish, all i do is drink a couple of guinness and eat a shepard's pie.
i'm just curious what islamists do on their days of celebration like st. pats day in the west.
do they lob a missile into israel?
do they send someone into a pizzeria with an explosive vest on?
do they lop off someone's head?
do they burn american flags?
do they rehearse honor killings?
do they re-inact a previous honor killing?
just curious.
what do they do on their celcbration days. all in the spirit of multiculturalism you know.