Thursday, January 01, 2009

Hamas Cockroach Stomp Confirmed

The IDF can chalk up another successful bit of pest eradication, as Sheikh Nizar Rayyan, the 'religious leader' of the Hamas military wing Izzadin Kassam who was also one of their military commanders and frequently appeared in uniform.

How he died is instructive:

Sheikh Nizar Rayyan, 52, a senior Hamas leader and cleric, was killed along with several others on Thursday when an IAF aircraft dropped a bomb on the eight-story Jabalya apartment building he lived in, the IDF said.

Palestinian medics said that nine people were killed, including two of Rayyan's four wives and four of his 12 children, and around 30 were wounded in the air strike.


Rayyan's house was serving as an arms and ammunition warehouse and as a Hamas communications center, a statement released by the government press office said.

According to the statement, many secondary explosions were identified as a result of the attack, thus proving that the house was used for storing weaponry.

Got that? This murderous scumbag was using his own wives and kids as human shields for weapons, explosives and his worthless carcass. What a hero.

For the record, Rayyan was the director and the financier of an attack on Ashdod in 2004 that killed ten Israelis and woundd almost sixty others.

He was a piece of walking garbage.

Nice shootin', lokhameem. Keep it up.

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