Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hamas Missile Hit Tel-Aviv Suburb

Apparently the IDF hasn't gotten all of Hamas' long range Iranian missiles yet. This morning, a missile hit just outside the Tel-Aviv suburb of Rishon Lezion.

No injuries or damage reported, but this is the first time Hamas has managed to hit central Israel.After this, I'd be very surprised if Israel didn't mount a ground assault on Gaza.>

Israel's leftists were able to ignore or rationalize what was going on in places like Sderot, but Rishon Lezion is different. This is where they live. It's their cafes, their homes that are under the gun now.

Here's the proof:

At an emergency meeting in Tel Aviv on Wednesday, the security cabinet authorized Defense Minister Ehud Barak to mobilize reservists if needed.

The cabinet also agreed that the IDF should continue to act against terrorist infrastructure and activity in Gaza. It instructed the Foreign Ministry to begin a diplomatic public relations campaign to explain that Israel was acting in self-defense against military targets, as the continued rocket barrage had become intolerable.

Of course, a lot of the reserves were already mobilized, but this puts the Knesset's stamp of approval on it.

The IDF,by the way, has already started working the public relations angle. They're using special high impact low explosive warheads in targeted vermin control like the one of Ahmed al-Jabari. And they're dropping thousands of leaflets in Arabic warning the population "avoid being present in the vicinity of Hamas operatives."

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