Thursday, November 01, 2012

How The Left Views Republicans - As Evil Monsters To Be Murdered With Impunity

I don't know which is more offensive.the sanctioning of brutal violence towards those the left disagrees with or the obnoxious ethnic stereotypes they used as leftist heroes to make it OK.

Hitler and Goebbels, BTW, used exactly the same techniques against Jews and other 'enemies'.

This ad comes from, a Democrat activist website. There's some money behind them too, based on the production values. Just imagine what a stir this would cause if say, a Tea Party group put this garbage out. That,by the way, is what chiefly annoys me, the double standard.

If a conservative group had done this, it would be screaming headlines and 80% of the media in America would be besieging Mitt Romney demanding he condemn it.

But of course  no  conservative group would put something like this out  because conservatives are the adults in the room as compared with the left's angry children and their predominant theme  'You impede me, therefore I hate you.'

To those on the right side of the spectrum, most of the left are merely misguided and wrong. But to the left, their enemies are evil and worthy only of extermination. And that's exactly how every totsalitarian leftist regime has operated throughout history.

Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, the story never changes.

And some commenter today had the nerve to suggest that I hate what he called 'liberals'. Compared to this cute lil' video above.

(h/t, Gateway)


Anonymous said...

Wow, there's so much sanctimony and self-flattery in this post that I think I might be getting a toothache. Get a room, Rob...

Rob said...

I think it's the truth that's hurting you, anonymous.

These are the people you're in bed with. Get used to the smell.

louielouie said...

well, what do you know.
now we know anon has teeth.
of course, we have to take his/her word for it.
it's about time something hurt on him/her, as the pain in the a$$ the entire left is.
i bet you won't post this comment.

B.Poster said...

I watched this vidoe. Frankly this videow was a bit itiotic. Why would someone share this video on facebook on as is suggested except to show how stupid the person who shares this really is.

Nonetheles America is politically a left of center nation. As such, the RNC should point this out and ask the DNC to explain "what the f*ck is this?" This may help main stream Americans to realize just how evil the Democrat party really is. Unfortunately the RNC is just Deocrat lite. Did the DNC pick the Republican leadership? I think htey did. Essentially if one wants to be a Republican leader they must be approved by the Democrats!! Any one who is unacceptable to the DNC need not aply!! No wonder American politics are f*cked up!! Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden must approve any Republcan office holder or challenger!! As such, even if Mitt Romney somehow pulls off a miraculous win, don't expect much change as his agenda would need to be approved and accepted by the folks mentioned above.

I did find interesting the mention of man caused climate change. Humans are incapable of affecting climate change on a global scale. There are other factors such as the sun that can affect change on a global scale but humans lack such capability.

Anyone who claims humans could do such a thing are eihter misinformed, blinded by ideology, or have an evil agenda of government control in mind.