Thursday, November 08, 2012

What Obama's Inherited

Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy

Enough said...and this time, there's no blaming it on anyone else. That will become disturbingly apparent in about two years.


louielouie said...

i disagree.
i don't think ff has fully grasped who/what hussein is.
second term, same as the first.
it's bush's fault.
and it will resonate with the peasants.
the alphabet networks will tell them so.
i'm gonna go get my obamaphone!!!!
that sound you hear are the printing presses running 24/7.
oh wait, that was the old way.
a trillion is now only a mouse click away.
why stop there?
who cares?

Michal said...

Why is that called "Obama economy" when the recession hit before he came to office?

Rob said...

I can't really speak for the cartoonist, but I'd guess it's because:

(a)He was a sitting senator as of January 2005 and either voted for most of the policies that contributed to it, (like TARP and full funding for two undeclared wars)and actively obstructed reforms that could have prevented it ( Freddie and Fannie oversight, SS reform, cutting the insane spending that started January 2007 with a Democrat congress, etc.)

(b) His policies over the last 4 years have demonstrably exacerbated the problem.He owns it now.

(c)The cartoonist is sick and tired of his blaming all of his screw ups on what he 'inherited' from his predecessor.The voters returned him to office, ala' Bush 2004 on the basis that he is supposed to finish what he promised to do, namely fix the economy. Again, in any case, he know owns it.

(d) all of the above

That's what I'd say.

B.Poster said...

It ssems that the economic troubles started after the 2006 midterms when Democrats gained control of the House and Senate leaving Mr. Bush reduced to little more than a figure head. Not saying that Bush was a good president. He was the worst in American history. So far Mr. Obama has not performed well but he still has another term. As such, it is necessary to wait until he completes his term, assuming the country survives that long, before it can be determined with any certainty what his legacy will be.

Bourbon said...

It's Bush's fault.

Bourbon said...

It's Bush's fault.