Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Latest from Rep. Allen West On The Continuing Recount Saga

The no doubt that Rep.Allen West was targeted by Democrats, both as an outspoken and unintimidated conservative and as an uppity black man who refused to stay on the Democrat plantation.The race ended up being one of the most expensive House contests in the country.

Here, West gets interviewed by FOX's Sean Hannity and gives us the latest on what appears to be extremely suspicious circumstances behind that race and why he's demanding a full recount.

You don't suddenly just 'find' 4,000 Democrat votes at 1 AM in the morning unless something fishy's going on..

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louielouie said...

imo, col. west is not looking at the big picture.
move to oklahoma.
home of ft. sill.
col. west would fit right in with the military retirees.
come 2013 dr. coburn is NOT going to run for re-election, which is going to leave oklahoma with some dumm mass rino.
how does senator west sound?
music to my ears.
harry reid? looking at you commie.
look at the big picture col. west. this could be the best thing to happen to you.