Monday, November 12, 2012

Toronto War Memorial Defaced: 'Canada Will Burn, Praise Allah'

November 11th is Remembrance Day in Canada.

In recognition of that, someone decided to deface a memorial honoring Canada's veterans that was located in Toronto's Coronation Park by writing 'Canada will burn, praise Allah' in black marker on it:

“This is an identifiable group,” Det. Anthony Williams told reporters at the scene Monday. “The veterans should be respected. That’s a total disrespect for our sworn members and military members who have made the ultimate sacrifice.”

At the Remembrance Day ceremony at Old City Hall Sunday morning, anti-war protesters were heard chanting during the two minutes of silence.

Williams said he couldn’t speculate whether the vandalism was protest-related.

“I can’t speculate as to what their motivation is, but if they did this on Nov. 10 or 11 … someone is looking for an opportunity to draw attention to themselves,” he said.

City cleaners scrubbed the black letters off the memorial.

George Murphy, 72, whose father fought in the Battle of Monte Cassino and in Normandy during the Second World War, teared up looking at the monument.

“I think it’s terrible to see them destroy what these veterans have done for us,” he said. “It’s like stepping on them. These people wanted to protect our lives. My father would be very upset over this.”

Local police are talking about this as a 'hate crime' in accordance with Canada's laws on the subject.I'm personally betting that if Muslims are involved, they'll likely keep the charges to vandalism...but we'll see what develops.

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