Friday, May 30, 2014

Leaving The Building: Shinseki 'Resigns', Carney Runs For Cover

The Obama Administration typically saves document dumps, information that reflects badly on the regime and other controversial news for Friday afternoons DC time, in order to allow the traditional weekend lull in the news cycle to diffuse things a little.

Today, the president finally dropped the ax on VA head General Norman Shinseki, announcing that he had 'agreed to accept Shinseki's resignation' after agreeing with his VA secretary that Shinseki had become a “distraction.”

Actually, this was planned as a distraction to allow President Obama some cover ('Look, he's doing something about it') and provide even members of his own party with a convenient scapegoat for a scandal the White House was deeply,deeply involved in.

Sloan D. Gibson, the deputy secretary of veterans affairs, is taking over as acting secretary until a permanent replacement for Shinseki is found and confirmed by the Senate. In view of President Obama's constant efforts to cut back and derail VA benefits from the beginning of his presidency, the new nominee ought to be interesting.

President Obama said in his press conference that the VA’s initial review showed that “the misconduct has not been limited to a few VA facilities, but many across the country.” He said that was “totally unacceptable,” adding: “Last week I said that if we found misconduct, it would be punished, and I meant it.”

'Punished'???  This is going to be contained and stonewalled. In the Obama regime, no one is ever accountable for anything unless Our Dear Leader decides otherwise. You see, in response to a question, the president answered that he was going to leave it to the Justice Department and AG Eric Holder to determine “whether there’s been criminal wrongdoing” within the VA system. No one is going to be 'punished',except perhaps some low level apparatchnicks as needed, who like Shinseki can be sacrificed to take the fall.

Another White House figure who's leaving is the regime's own Baghdad Bob, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney. President Obama referred to Carney as one of his closest advisers and friends at the White House, and gave him a nice huggie.

"In April, Jay came to me in the Oval Office and said that he was thinking of moving on, and I was not thrilled, to say the least," he said. "But Jay has had to wrestle with this decision for quite some time."

Actually, I think, unlike Shinseki, Lyin' Jay actually did resign. At this point, I think he was having trouble looking himself in the mirror every morning, and even his allies on the press corps shunned him like the hideous jackal he had become. That image will fade with him out of the spotlight and give him a chance after a few months to rehabilitate his image and get a gig as a talking head on MSNBC or one of the alphabet networks.

Carney's deputy Josh Earnest will take over the job as the president's press secretary. Some people will literally do anything for money.

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