Thursday, May 29, 2014

Obama Sends Military Attack Group To Libya To Protect The Muslim Brotherhood

The Obama Administration has sent the amphibious assault ship USS Bataan to Libya, together with a strike force consisting of a number of Osprey gunships and 1,000 Marines on board.

The Administration is claiming it's a 'precautionary measure' in case our embassy in Tripoli needs to be evacuated (the State Department had already advised all Americans to leave the country) but since they can still use the airport if necessary, the explanation obviously lies elsewhere.

President Obama's intervention into Libya to protect Islamists from being attacked by Khaddaffi's Army in Benghazi turn the country into Somalia-on-the-Mediterranean. The quasi-Islamist government we put into place had no power over anything besides Tripoli,although they were certainly good at cashing the foreign aid checks they received courtesy of the American taxpayer.

Literally thousands of Libyans have died because President Obama's Libyan adventure, and al-Qaeda and various Islamist militias have now made it their home base.

In short, President Obama's 'help to the Libyan people', something he refused to submit to Congress for approval turned a relatively stable if abhorrent dictatorship into a lawless anarchy, a failed state on steroids.

And as I reported earlier,finally the Libyan military got fed up with it, just as they did in Egypt. Troops under the command of Gen. Khalifa Hifter have mounted what amounts to a coup, suspending parliament, and  a military assault against the various Islamist and al-Qaeda militias in a desperate attempt to try and stabilize the country. And he's been successful enough so that the President has decided to call out our marines to protect the Islamists, just as he did when Khaddaffi threatened them.

Don't be at all surprised if they intervene directly on the side of the Islamists agasint Hifter's forces.

Ever since our ill-advised adventure in Libya, the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton's State Department have tried to push the absurd fantasy that their actions had liberated Libya and allowed a democratic government to emerge. Instead, it became a terrorist swamp, to the point where now we have to order Americans to leave.

Just another instance of the Prevaricator -in-chief's total failure on foreign policy. It's an embarrassment to the United States that we continue to allow this to go on.

I'll allow the always witty Ya'acov at Dry Bones to have the last word...

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louielouie said...

wasn't it just yesterday, that hussein soiled west point with his presence, and stated:

"what makes us exceptional is not our ability to flout international norms and the rule of law; it’s our willingness to affirm them through our actions"

and speaking of those actions and the so-called rule of law, how about hussein's latest adventure into modifying obamacare, yet again without consent from congress, stating employers can't dump employees into exchanges without a penalty.

what i would really like to see is anon respond to ff essay without once making any reference to either bush. just this action, on it's merits alone. you know what? he/she can't do it. it would break his/her little hands and both of his/her brain cells. does that aspirin factory still have target status?