Thursday, May 01, 2014

White House To American Jews: "Fatah-Hamas Unity Is A Good Thing!"

Far Left Israeli paper Ha'aretz (where else?)reported today on the briefing given to what were characterized as 'American Jewish leaders' by President Obama's adviser and National Security Council coordinator for the Middle East Philip Gordon in a closed door meeting.

Apparently the White House has no problem with a unity government between Fatah and officially designated terrorist groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad except for the timing being "unhelpful". Or to translate, as far as the Obama Administration is concerned, it's too bad Abbas got impatient instead of waiting for us to pressure the Jews into giving up the store before openly allying himself with terrorists.

Gordon also reiterated that the Administration would cut off aid to a Palestinian government that did not abide by the Quartet’s three conditions of opposition to terror, recognition of Israel and abiding by past agreements. Considering that the Obama Administration is already on record giving aid to Hamas, anyone who believes that President Obama is going to pull the plug on Palestinian jirzyah is an utter fool.

Especially since the EU has already stated that a government including Hamas is just fine with them.

Ha'aretz quoted an unnamed Israeli official who said that the US has pledged it would not ask Israel to talk with a Palestinian unity government if Hamas did not adopt the Quartet's conditions. But at the same time, Ha'aretz reports that a number of American officials say that the US would accept a unity government sticking to those conditions.

A contradiction, wouldn't you say?

Ha'aretz further reports that this same unnamed Israeli official told them that the US pledged they would support Israel's position in this regard, and that the the US would not ask Israel to talk with a Palestinian unity government if Hamas did not abide by the Quartet's conditions.

No, the Obama Administration will just continue to fund them, and as the Palestinian's lawyers and community organizers, they'll do the talking for them!

Seriously, if any 'Israeli official' actually believes that the Obama Administration is going to have any problems with trying to force Israel to 'negotiate' with the genocidal Hamas, he needs to seek mental help.

On the other hand, I just heard Senator Rand Paul tell Sean Hannity that he's working on a bil to cut off aid to 'Palestine' unless they recognize Israel as a Jewish State.

If that's true, I guess we know who the 'anti-Zionists' are in Washington, don't we?

(h/t Carl)


Anonymous said...

FYI- AIPAC is against Paul's legislation. I am certain AIPAC's position has to do with domestic Democrat politics and has nothing to do with the survival and security of Israel.

Rob said...

Of course that's it. AIPAC has become a toothless lion.

BTW, I'm not surprised at Rand Paul's pro-Israel position. I heard about how he behaved from sources on the ground there during his trip to Israel last year.

B.Poster said...

There is no way for AIPAC to have become a "toothless lion." To become toothless, AIPAC would have had to have teeth at one time. Since it always has been toothless, this is hardly a new development. As far as lion, this does not seem the apt description either. More like a helpless kitten would be the correct analogy.

A powerful AIPAC is a myth that has been spread by anti-Israel and anti-Jewish forces who are intent on demonizing Israel and the Jewish people. One of the first steps to demonizing someone or something is to overstate its power and influence. This has been done quite effectively by Israel's adversaries in this instance. In the meantime, the American people are not getting correct information about what is going on with regards to Israel, American foregin policy. or pretty much anything else for that matter.