Friday, May 02, 2014

Obama's New Anti-Israel Ally - AIPAC

In the wake of the Palestinian Authority's integration with terrorist groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad, Senator Rand Paul put together a common sense bill in the U.S. Senate. It called for the conditioning of American aid to the Palestinians on its recognition of Israel. Thia is particularly apropos since U.S. law forbids aid to recognized terrorist groups (something the Obama Administration has ignored anyway) and the lip service from our own State Department is that the U>S. would supposedly not provide aid to any part of the new Palestinian government that failed to commit to opposition to terrorism, recognition of Israel and abiding by past agreements:

The legislation, titled the “Stand with Israel Act of 2014,” failed to gather unanimous consent in the Senate on Thursday and Paul’s request to pass it was blocked. After the bill failed to pass, the senator said he was “deeply disappointed and disturbed by the Senate’s inability to stand with me in defense of Israel today.”

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the largest pro-Israel group in the U.S., declined to support the bill. In an interview with Steve Malzberg on Newsmax on Thursday, Paul said he was “getting pushback from the establishment up here” on the legislation.

When asked by Malzberg who he meant, Paul said: “Ironically, the group AIPAC is pushing back this bill and this is to me very troubling.”

“I think the American people, if they knew that, would be very, very upset and think, you know what, those people are no longer lobbying in favor of America and Israel if they’re not willing to put restrictions on aid to Palestine,” Paul continued.


Here's what happened. AIPAC caved to a combination of pressure from the Obama Administration and pressure from their pro-Obama Democrat donors.

I know Senator Paul to be a friend of Israel, based on sources who kept me posted about his comments and actions during his trip to Israel last year. For AIPAC to come out against this legislation and risk alienating someone who supports Israel and might even conceivably end up as our next president is not only abysmally stupid, but it's treachery against the very cause the organization is supposed to be supporting. AIPAC's phony rationale? The supposed 'security cooperation' between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. I defy them to show me one person who's ever been arrested by those 'cooperative security forces' for murdering a Jew. And I guess AIPAC has forgotten all about how those trained Palestinian 'security forces' happily turned their guns on Jewish civilians during Arafat's terrorist war on Israel.

Does AIPAC really think that this sort of behavior is somehow pro-Israel? In any sense? Do these people think that if Israel is attacked and assailed, they're somehow going to be immune because they dance to the Obama regime's tune?

AIPAC is a toothless tiger, and they won't be getting another dime from me. And believe me, that's a word I plan to spread around.


louielouie said...

i have been reading J/P for a couple of months now, and ff has routinely stated in numerous essays about how hussein wouldn't try this or that because of support in the US congress, or what passes for a congress.
apparently ff is going to have to reference his, "window into the future" more often now. as this is how it is going to be for some time.

SabaShimon said...

Yes,spread the word that they'll not receive another dime of your money( I've never supported these kapos)......but as importantly, let THEM know that you'll be convincing as many as possible to reject them (financially) as representatives of American Jewry.

Anonymous said...

I hate to tell you but AIPAC is following Israeli government policy, a policy which personally, I think is stupid & short-sighted. Our political establishment sucks & I most certainly include Netanyahu when I say that. Our shit politicians don't want to annex Area C & B which means they don't want to destabilize the PA. I should add that many of our oligarchs own businesses which sell quite a lot to the PA in cooperation with corrupt PA politicians or their families.

Rob said...

Yeah, I'm aware of some of the dirty deals being made. Shimon Peres,example is in bed with the PA up to his neck.

That's still no excuse for AIPAC, who I'm sure responded to pressure from the White House and their donors.

Eventually, the situation is going to come to a head anyway.

Anonymous said...

I bailed on AIPAC (and so should every other Jew), the moment when a campaigning politician (sniveling their way towards courting the "Jewish" vote) delivered a speech at their annual meeting one year and the largest applause line occurred when the politician "triumphantly" declared their support for a "two-state solution." It is absolutely outrageous that the argument has been so obfuscated to the point where the "two-state solution" has become the only acceptable policy objective. The "two-state solution" will be anything but a solution. It is a contradiction in terms. The eventual result of this supposed "solution" will only be the demise of the Jewish State.