Thursday, May 15, 2014

What 'Nakba Day' Really Means - And Why Israel And the Civilized World Should Ban It

Today much is being made of the deaths of two Arabs whom were killed while engaged in the violent riots that traditionally occur on Nakba Day. As a consequence, The Palestinian Authority is threatening to halt all ‘security coordination’ , not that the ‘coordination ‘ really means that much. After all,the PA has yet to put a single person in jail for murdering a Jew…in fact it pays them a salary as an incentive for doing so, Mahmoud Abbas considers these murderers heroes and constantly foments violence against Israel’s civilians in spite of the tailored rhetoric he gives the Obama Administration and the EU.

The Arabs whom identify themselves as Palestinians have a number of curious holidays. There's 'Prisoner's Day', observed on April 17th when the Palestinians celebrate the convicted murderers in Israeli prisons for their murder of Jews.

There's 'Land Day' observed on March 30th, which commemorates violent riots by the Palestinians against Israeli Authorites that led to the first intifada.

And then there's Nakba Day, celebrated May 15th, the day after Israeli Independence day on the Gregorian calendar.

'Nakba' means 'catastrophe' in Arabic. The holiday mourns the creation of Israel and is observed by marches, fiery, incendiary speeches in Arabic and almost always violent confrontations with Israeli civilians and police.

What does 'Nakba Day' really represent? Like every one of the other 'holidays' the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians observe, it celebrates violence and terrorism.

Even before Israel was declared a state by the UN in 1948,  many of Israel's Arabs, aided and abetted by the British authorities were engaged in violence and terrorism against Israel's Jews.With the British appointed Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj-Amin al-Husseini spurring them on, the Arabs attacked Jewish communities throughout Mandatory Palestine in a violent campaign leading up to Israel's independence in May of 1948. Even after that, al-Husseini's 'irregulars' aided the Arab armies attempting to invade Israel, with one goal in mind, one they openly stated -a jihad ending in the ethnic cleansing and genocide of every Jew in Palestine.

You see, to the Palestinians, that's what they're mourning. The 'nakba', the 'catastrophe' was that they failed at an attempted geniocide.

Imagine how the world would react if Germans held a public ceremony mourning the fact that they failed to kill off all of Europe's Jews? or if the Russians publicly mourned failing to successfully starve all the Ukrainians to death or or the Turks had a holiday mourning their failure to totally wipe out the Armenians in the 1915 Genocide. Yet the Arabs whom call them selves Palestinians and their left wing groupies like the EU funded Association for the Defense of the Rights of the Internally Displaced Persons in Israel mourn their failed attempt at genocide every year.

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