Friday, July 25, 2008

A Must-See - Heather Wilson Eviscerates Chris Matthews And Obama Surrogate Wexler

The shot above pretty much says it all; Heather Wilson,GOP Congresswoman from New Mexico(Air force Academy grad,Rhodes scholar) with a big smile on her face and Obama surrogate Robert Wexler ( D-FL)with his mouth wide open and nothing to say.

She took on the tag team of Hardball Obama shill Chris Matthews and Obama campaign surrogate Robert Wexler and beat them both stoo-pid.

Here's a link to view the video (Windows Media Player) and here's the partial transcript:
HEATHER WILSON: Barack Obama has always had a great charismatic style, but the substance has never been there and his inexperience is one of the things that troubles a lot of people. Saying something like there's a wall between the United States and Europe? We've been allies with Western Germany and with Germany as a whole since the end of the Second World War. NATO is one of our strongest alliances. And so, what's he talking about? What's the substance behind that --

CHRIS MATTHEWS: He's talking about the fact that Europeans, Europeans hate George Bush.

WILSON: I think one of the things he tried to do in Israel was to reassure Americans that the mistakes he made with respect to Middle East policy because of his experience maybe they shouldn't be concerned about that. He went there because of his inexperience to try to give himself some kind of kind of patina of credibility.

MATTHEWS: Are you saying the United States has had a good relationship with Europe in the last seven years?

WILSON: Absolutely. Yes. The US relationship with NATO, with the UK, our relationship with the United Kingdom has never been closer, and that's been spurred by common, mutual interest. I used to serve at NATO when there were 16 NATO countries and we were facing the former Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact. We have very close relationships with our western European allies and I think that continues with Angela Merkel or President Sarkozy or with the Brits. I think very close relationships.

In the next exchange, Wilson slapped Wexler down on Iraq and Afghanistan:

ROBERT WEXLER: The allegation is that Senator Obama has not been effective, yet it is his view in Iraq that is now the prevailing view that the Prime Minister of Iraq has endorsed. It is Senator Obama's view that has been endorsed by the Bush administration in concept in Iran by engaging in diplomacy. It is his view in terms of adding troops in Afghanistan that's winning the day. So it's Senator Obama, before he's even president, that's affecting policy in such a great way.

WILSON: It's amazing that you can skew things that far. Senator Obama has been dead wrong when it comes to the policy in Iraq. He opposed the surge and he is now in a situation where he's trying to deny that the surge was successful. I don't think that's particularly presidential.

{ . . .}

WILSON: To say that somehow there is a wall in NATO that's running somewhere down the Atlantic shows Senator Obama's inexperience when it comes to understanding where we are. You see that on a number of other things. I mean, look at his platform. He has these kind of message-tested, poll-tested things like, we should, Barack Obama will make sure we take -- he'll negotiate with the Russians to take our ICBMs off hair-trigger alert. It's a great idea: it was done 20 years ago. He seems to be unaware of American history. And that's inexperience which causes people some real concern about whether he's ready for the Oval Office.

Ouch! That's gonna leave some bruises. This slapdown might just put Congresswoman Wilson in the running for McCain's VP.

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