Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Separate But Equal Terrorists

There was a huge fanfare today as Nelson Mandela and the rest of South Africa's African National Congress Party(ANC)were taken off the official terrorism watch list in a bill authored by Congressman Howard Berman and signed into law today by President Bush.

Given Mandela and the ANC's close associations with the Soviets, Yasir Arafat and the PLO, maybe keeping them on the list wasn't such a bad idea. I certainly have no problem with him not being allowed here...and I'd probably ban much of the rest of the ANC outright.

Mandela's consistently voiced his support for regimes like Libya, Iran and Cuba, and Mandela personally traveled to Libya and presented Moamar Gaddafi with South Africa's highest military medal.

The ANC was always a pro-terrorist organization, and was sponsored by the Soviets to destabilize Southern Africa and turn the strategic region into Soviet client states. The leaders - Mandela, his wife Winnie and Bishop Tutu have always been outspokenly anti-Semitic and anti-Israel, which causes me a grim chuckle as I reflect on who authored the bill taking the ANC off the terrorism watch list. It's no accident that the first UN 'human rights' Council conference in Durban, SA in 2001 turned into an orgy of Jew hating so vile even the US and EU reps walked out.

In 1961, Mandela was the founder of Umkhonto we Siswe ("Spear of the People"), ANC's terrorist arm, and never during all the time he was in prison did he condemn that organization's acts of indiscriminate terrorism against civilians.

Mandela and the ANC learned from Yasir Arafat how to 'discipline' collaborators' and make sure people toed the party line and financed the ANC whether they wanted to or not.

These included 'necklacing' (putting a gasoline soaked tire on the victim and setting it on fire), kidnapping, burning whole families in their homes in Soweto, assassinating political opponents, operating what amounted to a protection racket among black South African businessmen and torturing dissidents at ANC gulags over the border in Angola, something even Mandela has admitted occurred, although he's never apologized or regretted it.

Mandela was also responsible for signing off on the Church Street bombing in Pretoria 1983,which killed 19 and wounded more than 200, mostly families in a busy shopping street at rush hour. The commander of that operation was Abu Bakr Ismail, a PLO trained terrorist.

Robert Mugabe has the same ties and pedigree as Mugabe and the ANC,which is one reason I believe South African president Theo Mbeki has been so reluctant to challenge Mugabe...there's quite a bit of stuff from the bad old days that the ANC would rather didn't come to light, and Mugabe knows where a lot of those bodies are buried - literally.

FTR, (not that it matters)I'm not some disgruntled white South African expatriate, and I have no personal connection or axe to grind with South Africa. But let's just say I have a thing against cowards who use terrorism against innocent people as a political weapon. And their friends and allies.

The truth's the truth, and as far as I'm concerned Mandela and his ANC ilk shouldn't be welcomed here, or in any other civilized locale. They can stay in their own country.


benning said...

The more things change the more they stay the same. Nobody wants to be accused of picking on Nelson Mandela. We're to ignore his real history and only remember his years in prison at the hands of the nasty White oppressors of South Africa.

Yeesh! And the American Left still sees nothing.

Anonymous said...

You must be an idiot. Try living under aparthied before you judge others. why is it that oppressors always condemn the oppressed for fighting back. Did any of the white oppressors get jailed for their actions? were they punished? pray tell you moron.

Freedom Fighter said...

well Anonymous..I suppose your point would be that feeling 'oppressed' justifies any atrocity, no matter how heinous or inhumane.

I can't agree with that in the least.

Funny though, how often the designated 'oppressed' turn into even worse oppressors when they're in power, isn't it?

Mugabe and Mandela are two prime examples. Read up on the South African pogroms against foreigners and how Mandela is treating refugees from Zimbabwe...