Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Dewali bombings

I haven't commented on the horrific bombings in New Dehli, India yet, as there has been no official assigment of blame..although the culprits appear pretty obvious.

Dewali is the Hindu Winter festival, with lights, decorations and gift giving and is especially beloved by children...about 20 of the 61 slain were innocent children.

Musharref of Pakistan, to his credit, immediately condemned this brutal operation in the strongest terms. But given the current state of Pakistan, one wonders how widespread the condemnation was among his Pakistani countrymen.

In a new development,Pakistan rejected Indian prime minister Singh’s suggestion of s possible involvement by its nationals in the triple New Delhi bombings that claimed 61 lives last Saturday.

New Delhi’s anti-terrorism chief Karmail Singh, said the attacks were probably coordinated by a single organization but carried out by different units of the group.

More as it comes in...

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Anonymous said...

Can you link to yesterday's WSJ? It had an excellent piece by an Indian who said, essentially, that India's lame responses to terrorist attacks only invites more and compared India unfavorably in this regard to America. Good piece.