Sunday, November 13, 2005

Telling the truth about our `friends' the Saudis

The blatant hypocrisy of our government towards one of the chief funders and sources of jihad against America was on display full throttle today as Condi Rice asked the Saudis to pretty please do a wee bit more to fight terrorism and prevent incitement.. but the Saudis said they were doing everything they could....Rice urges Saudis to do more to fight terrorism - Yahoo! News


What's really going on, of course, is that the Saudis are cracking down on unauthorized terrorism within the Kindom directed at their corrupt selves...but that the funding and exporting of wahabi jihad to America and the West continues unabated. As the Freedom Fighter reported here:J O S H U A P U N D I T: State Department to US Senate on Saudi Arabia- "Take a Hike!"

And here:J O S H U A P U N D I T: How the Saudis influence what children learn k-12 at US taxpayer's expense

Frankly, I'm getting sick and tired of this hypocrisy. Just this Friday, the 11th, in a Veteran's Day speech that was otherwise a decent defense of America's Iraq policy (finally!) President Bush AGAIN referred to the Saudis as ` our friends'!

Who does Dubbya think he's kidding?

This stuff has been going on with the Saudis ever since we showed `em how to get at the oil back in the 1930's. And by and large, every administration since Roosevelt has been willing to ignore the Saudis little quirks and generally kiss their behinds ot keep the oil flowing.

We can't afford that kind of complacency anymore, since the jihadis upped the ante on 9/11.

Write your congressmen and urge them to pas the Saudi Accountability Act NOW!


Mary Hogan said...

I'm just waiting for Condoleezzzza to come out with a birka waving the Saudi flag.

Freedom Fighter said...

Unfortunately, the Saudis appear to be callingthe shots in exchange for keeping the oil running.

Explore the rest of the site and you will find various articles on this sorry phenomenon.

Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

Bush refers to them as "friends" because they are his friends.

Had the Saudi people been able to run their own affairs, they would have cut the oil supplies off as soon as Bush started his horrible illegal war against Iraq.

Condi continues to blame some questionable Saudi literature as if the literature sends a stronger message than the destruction and killing going in Iraq on a daily basis.

Condi and others are still denying that the real causes of sep-11 is authoritarian US foreign policy.

If some Saudi books are not friendly towards Christians (and Jews), well why was only America attacked? Is America the only Christian state on this planet?

There sure are enough christians in the Middle East itself for the Saudi to attack, why go across the atlantic to the United States, the strongest state in the world?

These are the tough questions that Condi and her likudist ilk refuse to answer.

Al-Qaeda was not sponsored by any official government. It is an underground clandistine movement. Arabs have neither armed this group with Fighter Jets nor have they given them the green light to hit the WTC.

Authoritarian US foreign policy is fully sponsored by an official government and is supported by an elected congress.

You guys should wonder why South America is becoming increasinly anti-American, and they are also Christians.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hmm Karim,
You are on the verge of trolldom.

`Condi and her likudist ilk'??Puh-leeze.

Assuming you're an American, please tell me the benefits the Saudis are conferring onus by exporting jihad into America. or do you perhaps want to see the USA under sharia? I don't think it's going to happen.

Of course, in your eyes, I reckon it's all the Jooooos.

Osama bin-laden was merely a sub-contracter who got out of hand. The Saudis and Iranians, albeit with different methods, are busily promoting world wide jihad..and assuming you're a Muslim, you should realize how dangerous that is for YOU personally. Not from me per se, but as I said, anyone who could rationalize the slaughter of 3,000 innocent people
has no claim to tolerance by any one else.

Think about it.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand what "exporting Jihad" means? The pro-Bush Saudi government obviously does not check every publication coming out of its country. It is a well known fact that the Saudi deal more (in Business) with America than with Europe. They could well turn to Europe, couldn't they?

Saudi Arabia do not need to export anything. This administration is doing the job better than anyone.

Today, the administration admitted that it has used chemical weapons in Fallujah.

Again, which message is stronger according to you, one that says "Hate the Christians and the Jews" or images of dead Arabs/Muslims (in the thousands) in Iraq caused by the US invasion?

The Saudi couldn't even export their own ultra-conservative beliefs in neighboring countries, let alone in America. What non-sense is this.

I was not rationalizing anything, it was an analysis. It is a complex situation but one always wonders why the primary target was America.

Freedom Fighter said...

WHo was more brutal to the Iraqi people,Karim? The Americans or Saddam? I think we know the answer.

As for the reason the Saudis dealmore with the USA, it is because A) they've been buying weapons from us for years (spare part, you know) B) Because the dollar is a more stable currency thanthe Euro and C) because they have jihadist ambitions here.

As you may know, the last thing the Mohammed said to his followers before he died in 632 CE was to fight the unbelievers until they died, were conveted to Islam or paid the jirza in humilty. Many Muslims (but by no means all) for the last 1500 odd years have felt that expanding Dar Islam in this way is a Holy Act.

As for why America was the primary target on 9/11, I frankly think bin-Laden was a subcontracter who went off on his own. The Saudis would much have preferred the quiet,insidious infiltration of America.

Karim, you need to go into the history of the Muslim Brother and Assad Azziz and Feisal Husseini, both of whom saw America as a prime target as far back as the 1940's.

As for you not knowing what `exporting jihad' means, I frankly think you are pulling my kefiyah.
The Saudis have spent MILLIONS since the `70's exporting the Wahabi brand of Islam into America and around the world.

They fund mosques and madrassahs and train Imams that preach the wahabi hardline, teach hatred for Christians and Jews and rationalize Islamic terrorism.

They buy American politicians hwo have recently left government as lobbyists and fund biased chairs of `Middle East Studies' that rationalize jihad and whitewash Islamic terrorism in universities.

And they fund jihadist organizations all over the world. Explore this site and you will find links to some good examples.

More importantly, they use this influence to stifle and intimidate moderate Muslims who are trying to find a new path for Islam. There are a couple of these groups linked on my site.

Thanks for your comment.